I discovered last night that I still don’t bounce! Got up for a pit stop about 2:30 and ended up in the hospital about 7 am. Yep! Another fall. A bit worse this time though. I now have a couple of screws in my left leg!

Spent almost 5 hours on the floor wondering if anyone would come down the hall and thankfully the paper lady was putting my paper in the bag on my door and heard me call for help. I think I love that lady. Help arrived quickly and things were even better when we arrived at the hospital. I have a 45 degree break in the upper part of the left femer that was fixed with some screws and a rod by my surgeon who was working on someone at just the right time. He gave up his lunch break to do my surgery and a couple hours after being back in my room I took a short walk down the hall.

Not sure how long I’ll be here but I think I’ll wait awhile before I try to bounce again! There are a lot of better ways to spend the day.

Mike was called by the hospital and he immediately filled d,;Don and Gina in so when I got back to my room they were all waiting for me. The th;I have to do to get all the kids together!

Well I think I’ll try for some sleep again. Just wanted to fill you in as to why I’ll be taking some time off blogging for a bit. Also a word of advice if you are thinking about trying to bounce…DONT. it’s not possible if your name isn’t tigger!