I discovered last night that I still don’t bounce! Got up for a pit stop about 2:30 and ended up in the hospital about 7 am. Yep! Another fall. A bit worse this time though. I now have a couple of screws in my left leg!

Spent almost 5 hours on the floor wondering if anyone would come down the hall and thankfully the paper lady was putting my paper in the bag on my door and heard me call for help. I think I love that lady. Help arrived quickly and things were even better when we arrived at the hospital. I have a 45 degree break in the upper part of the left femer that was fixed with some screws and a rod by my surgeon who was working on someone at just the right time. He gave up his lunch break to do my surgery and a couple hours after being back in my room I took a short walk down the hall.

Not sure how long I’ll be here but I think I’ll wait awhile before I try to bounce again! There are a lot of better ways to spend the day.

Mike was called by the hospital and he immediately filled d,;Don and Gina in so when I got back to my room they were all waiting for me. The th;I have to do to get all the kids together!

Well I think I’ll try for some sleep again. Just wanted to fill you in as to why I’ll be taking some time off blogging for a bit. Also a word of advice if you are thinking about trying to bounce…DONT. it’s not possible if your name isn’t tigger!


16 thoughts on “Oops”

  1. Dear Angie, I’m sorry to hear about your accident, but good that you received help and came to the hospital.
    Please stop bouncing, even if it was fun once some years ago ๐Ÿ˜€
    Wish you a fast recovery and send you healing thoughts, dear friend โค

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  2. Angie Angie Angie…..hows about no more bouncing attempts???? I’m so sorry to hear this. But not surprised by your wonderful sense of humor still, as always, being full of bounce. Fast healing and refrain from bouncing!!

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    1. Thank you! The worst part is over now and I have some more therapy in a nursing home to get through but everything in this area has been quarantined by the governor so I guess one place is as good as another!


  3. I tried to tell you that you are not Tigger and cannot bounce!!! But did you listen? Nooooo. Seriously, though, I am so very sorry to hear this, my friend! What is the hospital, and your room number, please?

    Love ‘n hugs!

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    1. I think I have learned that lesson now! I’m a slow learner sometimes but this time it really sank in! I think the name of the hospital is Owensboro Regional Health System and I’m room 534. Since it’s the only one here I imagine that name will work. I’m going to transitional care or a nursing home soon — hoping for transitional care here in the hospital. The food is better here and that’s definitely something to consider! The worst thing is that they are all quarantined order of the governor so absolutely no visitors! I’m thinking about having my son bring my meds from home because the doctors here won’t prescribe them and too long without them will cause a a flairup of the MS! I’m not sure what their problem is but one thing at a time is all I can handle right now!

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      1. You are, indeed, a slow learner, or rather a stubborn woman! Just kidding, my friend … I do worry and am so sorry for what happened. Like you, I think I love your mail lady! Oh man … NO visitors??? Not even your kids? That sucks! If it were me, I’d be hitchhiking home by now, after checking myself out and telling them to f*** themselves, but fortunately the rest of the world is not quite as stubborn as I ๐Ÿ˜‰ Please take care, dear friend. Love you! โค

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