One Thing I Don’t Recommend

The main thing — and it took me a long time to get this through my head, is that people don’t bounce! I can honestly say now that we shot even try! But being a slow learner it took me a lot longer than the average bear to really figure this out. Having been born under a lucky star though I have a chance to try again.

Thinks I mentioned that I was up and walking a couple of hours after the surgery to screw a rod into the broken femor and there was not much pain. They forgot to tell me the pain was going to wait until the third day to bother me. But it could have been so much worse that I don’t worry it! Just another way to predict the weather! And I am open to all offers from the national weather service to help them with their forecasts! Pretty sure I can even tell how strong the storm will be.

I had hoped to do the therapy here in the hospital facility but they have told me I am doing too well to stay here! Hmm, that is a new one! So I’ll be moving to a nursing home soon. That just doesn’t sound right to me but then they didn’t ask my opinion! You would think they would welcome an expert opinion wouldn’t you?

I think I’ll close this and take a nap before dinner now. Really wish I had packed some doll things to work on but that would have meant I knew this would happen.



31 thoughts on “One Thing I Don’t Recommend”

  1. Well, I suppose it’s good news that you’re “doing too well” to stay in the hospital. Will you finally at least be allowed visitors in the nursing home? Have they said how long you must stay there? Sigh. I’ll email you later tonight. Take care, my dear friend!

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      1. One of my docs told me to have them brought from home. The primary one looked up my dosage from eight years ago and prescribed that so when he came in today I showed him my bottles and he changed it to the latest script so I’ll find out tonight if it is current. If not I’ll just fill in from my own bottles!

        Still not sure when I’ll move but my son can move me and save that additional one thousand plus additional bill!


    1. Worked in nursing homes when I started out! They are all understaffed by by underpaid workers who are there for the paycheck! Only a few of the people really care about the victim’s they are taking care of.


    2. Maybe Colleen! I used to work in one of the local nursing homes so I know first hand that they all have bad floors where I wouldn’t leave a snake! This one is better but then there are two floors I think I would run away from!


      1. No visitors at all allowed at any nursing home in the state of Kentucky! Doctors are using teleconference as of end of today! I had a checkup this afternoon and I think they locked the doors when I left! From what I’ve heard most stores are asking people to do curbside pickup — if they even have the items in stock! Has the entire world shut down?


  2. Hi dear Angie.. Sooooo, Sooooo, pleased you found me again too… I have not been getting updates from your site.. But logging in here shows me I am still following you, So I will put you in my browser list to not loose you again..
    Sounds like you have been in the wars… Hospitals are never one of my favourite places, I avoid them and the Drs.. lol… So I hope you will find the nursing home a restful place in which to recover Angie…
    Sending you lots of healing love vibes over the airwaves my friend..
    And take care of you…
    Much love your way..
    Sue ❀

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  3. Angie, I am sending my best wishes for your healing. .. I know nursing homes are,not the best places to be but I hope that maybe you might be lucky and get a good one.. I will keep you in my prayers

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    1. Oh, I am hanging, JM! It is only for a short time I hope. My therapist today said they usually release people when they can walk 200 feet and I am doing 125 already! Everyone is amazed at my progress but they haven’t seen how stubborn I can be! Well they are seeing it now. Wish they would let me get up alone but insist that I wait til one of them is in the room!

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      1. Oh! I texted M&M yesterday and told her to give you my number so I could keep in touch when the kindle is acting up! Guess you haven’t seen her lately! They are now letting me get up alone and walk around the room, but still have to wait for PT when I walk in the hall! Walking about 250–300 feet per day and doing loads of leg lifts! See the surgeon on Wednesday and will find out more about discharge then. If I don’t fly the coup before that! Have lost a lot of weight on their diet!

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