Nursing Home News

Okay, the hospital is now in the past!  Mike picked me up this afternoon and brought me to Hillcrest nursing home where I’ll be for a couple of weeks before Home sweet home! My Medicare company had me sweating for a little while, refusing to okay the Rehab because I am “doing too well” .  Just thought I’d mention that in case any of you break a leg or hip!  Wherever you do if that happens, don’t walk for several weeks and do a lot of complaining about it all. !probably screaming wouldn’t be out of the question!  It seems they only want to pay for the ones who will be there the longest.

Just thought I would share a few of my older photos along with the beautiful fern a very dear friend.sent to frighten my room! We haven’t had much sunshine so the photo needs some editing but that will have I wait until I get home! And more of this missive will also have to wait until I can convince this kindle to use only the words I type in, and all of the letters I use without adding any on it’s own!