More Thank You Messages

Thank you to everone involved in my care since that horrible night spent on the floor, wondering if anyone would even hear my call for help. The lady who delivers my paper finally heard and found the night monitor to come up!  What a job they had then!  Julia, the monitor unlocked my door and immediately told the 911 center that an ambulance was needed.  Then she began the task of moving my power chair out of the way so the responders could get in my apartment to help me.  That chair has it’s uses, but isn’t the easiest to maneuver, especially in a crisis. It takes up most of my entry hall!

They finally got the chair out of the way and I was surrounded by EMT’s from the fire department and the ambulance service!  From my position on the floor I never saw any faces, but the reassuring voices explained every move they had to do get me to the ambulance.  I kept waiting for the overwhelming pain to hit but they were all around me and had me rolled on a stabilizing pad and then transferred to the gurney in short order, on the elevator and loaded in the ambulance in a short time.

After all the hours on the floor I was shivering uncontrollably from the cold, but they had blankets covering me quickly and the heat turned up in the ambulance. First order was getting a needle in a vein to start an IV.  Not easy when the arm is moving so much but the EMT riding in the back with me got it on first try!  Not sure what he put in there but the pain disappeared completely! We had a good conversation during the ride and I found out that he was probably related to me by marriage.  He kept the talk going until we reached the bed in the emergency department, got their equipment unhooked except for the pad they used to get me to the ambulance and then left after wishing me luck.  I can’t thank them all enough, fire department personnel and ambulance service providers!

I was then taken to X-Ray for a couple of pictures and informed that my surgeon was present and working on someone at the moment. They admitted me to my room where my son was waiting already, and a short time later said the doctor had seen the X-Ray and would do my surgery during his lunch break!  Many thanks to Dr. Reid Wilson, a truly gifted surgeon! Also to his PA, Adam!

What seemed like minutes later Adam said I was ready to return to my room!  When we got there all three of my kids were waiting!  Guess I slept longer than I thought since my daughter had a three hour drive from her home!

Two hours later a guy I have known for a few years ago came in with a walker and asked if I wanted to take a walk!  I thoroughly enjoyed the first walk, mainly because when lying on the floor I kept trying to stretch my leg out but when the top part was pointed one way and the foot and ankle the other way ya just don’t straighten well!

The kids left when Robbie, the therapist said something about me mooning them while wearing that all-revealing hospital gown! Since I had been glued together at the small incisions I was in for a pleasant surprise a few hours later when one of the aides asked if I wanted a 🚿shower! Wonderful!

I had a very low opinion of the hospital when I went in because of an extremely bad experience seven years before! My opinion has done a 180 degree turnaround!  Everyone I came in contact with was wonderful, taking care of everyone while the hospital was gearing up for a lockdown due to the carona virus! The day I was transferred to the nursing home it was on lockdown, as is every thing in the state by now.

These are trying times for everyone as you know,  so please use common sense and stay home if you can. AND show our first responders who are on the front line how much you appreciate them! Most of them have families but they are out there to help us as usual when we need it. Don’t call for an ambulance unless you have a real need for It! Most likely you can apply the bandaids yourself and really won’t need a trip to the emergency department! No one knows how long this thing will last and we sure don’t want out first line of defense to get down while on a call that we can take care of ourself by using common sense!

My heartfelt thanks to First Responders everywhere! My prayers are with you all during what could be the worst crisis in history!


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