Update From the Nursing Home

Finally some great news! I’ve been released from the nursing home and will be going home tomorrow morning! I am one happy camper.

My care has been wonderful, both at the hospital and here at Hillcrest nursing home.  Everyone I have come in contact with has been dedicated to one thing — taking the best care possible of each PERSON in their care!  And we are all people in need of care ❤ to them, not just a job to be done to collect a paycheck before they go home to get on with their lives!

I used to work in nursing homes, first in dietary and then as a Certified Nurses Aide (CNA), and I know firsthand how tiring and at times depressing this work can be. Overworked and underpaid are the name of the game, along with the times they are understaffed due to a crisis situation beyond their control.  My sister is a nurse and I’ve heard her stories from that perspective.  There were times I had to put up with abuse, verbal and physical, from residents who weren’t aware of what they were doing so the times I was a pain in the butt myself doesn’t make me happy, but everyone here continued to smile and tell me I was okay, not a problem, constantly asking what they could do to make it better! What a difference they make for everyone in their care!

So now, ten days later and twelve days after the accident, I am saying goodbye to some amazing people who were never too busy to help me though some pain filled days and nights, always with my comfort in mind. To everyone here, from nurses to CNA’s, to housekeeping, Therapy,  everyone!  Thank God for you! You cheered me on when I felt like quitting and understood on the days when the changing weather made the pain too intense to get out of bed. Activities brought me some yarn to help occupy my mind and let me forget about the pain.

Thank you all. Even with the facility locked down because of the present health crisis each of you had smiles on your face and kindness to spare for everyone in your loving care!

15853513907037990951497464213279packed up and ready to go home!


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