How Weird Is This?

I’ve tried to contact Kroger about why they sell catfish, almost a staple in Southern homes that is a product of China in these days of Coronavirus, also a product of China.  I keep getting a message that the phone is no longer in service! Have tried to find a number for their headquarters with no success either.  What’s wrong with this picture?


17 thoughts on “How Weird Is This?”

  1. Hello Angela. I do not eat catfish, but I thought a lot of fish sold in stores were farmed raised fish. I have not heard in the last couple years how the fish farming companies are doing in the US. Maybe China has better or larger fish raising farms? Hugs

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    1. I love catfish, but then I’m from Kentucky where we raise some real whoppers! China, on the other hand at one time was under a lot of big guns for the conditions in their processing plants — rat and other feces piled around the walls, unsanitary cutting tables, unsafe methods of cutting up the fish as well as the meat in their packing facilities.. I don’t know if this is still going on but I haven’t eaten fish from China for years because of these conditions. Now they have it in huge letters on the top of the label that the fish is a product of China. My family has assured me it will be safe to eat after a thorough washing and then cooking it to a certain degree, so I hope I can forget what I knew at one time to be true about them. Now, if the packing conditions are the same as in the past this fish could have been exposed to China’s latest export — COVID–19.. I get especially upset with salmon that is sold by Kroger, wild caught in Alaska! Processed in China!!!!” Okay, I have to calm down now or will never get to sleep tonight~

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      1. Hello Angela. I hate nights like those. I have them often. It seems you have these nights often? Ron and I are buying a new bed and mattress hoping it will help with our sleeping. Hugs

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    1. That’s what is making me afraid to eat them. The processing plants are also filthy and have caused botulism among other fun conditions. I still can’t get in touch with Kroger. Guess I’ll have to bundle up and go over there with fingers crossed looking for a manager.


    1. Since I had the order delivered it was already paid for and they won’t take it back. That was my last time shopping at Kroger. I’ll be getting my groceries at Aldi from now on even though that will require calling a special bus that can accommodate my power chair.

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  2. So do I! I get upset when I find packages of salmon marked “wild caught in Alaska. Processed in China “. I’m not sure anything is made in the USA today.
    Thanks for the follow.


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