Quarantine Blues

20200424_050128That’s just what I have today!  I just don’t have the energy to do anything at all and I’m not sure I really want to do anything.  The day began okay, up early, pit stop with no falling, back to my chair and sewing again.  Got three face masks finished up and realized I’m just plain tired.  Can’t take time off yet though.  I’ve made two dozen masks, given a dozen of them out already and have about three dozen more to finish.  Whee.  I’m thinking I should make some doll clothes to try to get the momentum back but not sure I even want to do that.  What I really want to do is go down to the activities room and have a nice long visit with my friends. Then I want to get on that bus and visit my Aunt!  Phone conversations are okay but just not the same as a good long hug, conversation with her and my cousin Greg who comes at the same time, another long hug and then coming home to rest.  Big sigh!  Maybe soon.

I guess there was a little bit of excitement a couple of days after I got home from rehab — definitely each time I had to move around was, well not exactly exciting but at least not boring, but still and all, nothing beats a hug!  “Two hearts are never closer than when two people hug”, something a friend of a friend said several years ago.  One of the two quotes I actually remember, the other being from my brother — “I forget if I remember that or not”. That one is becoming my theme lately as I cope with self isolation while working on getting this broken leg healed and moving better.  My favorite activity right now is sitting in the shower with the water on full blast and as hot as it will go, pointing the stream og water at my left shoulder and enjoying the feel of no pain at all!

One would think that since I broke my left leg it would be the pain filled area but that doesn’t hurt at all with a few minor  twinges at times.  Oh,, no!  The pain is all in my left shoulder..  The one that was replaced seven years ago.  I predict the weather with that one. Rain is movin’ in by late tonight, which reminds me that I should get to the bank today and pull out enough money to do my laundry next month.  I’ve never really enjoyed doing laundry since moving into town and leaving my clotheslines behind on the farm.  Ah, the wonderful smell of sun dried sheets!  I tried putting a clothesline out when I first moved to town  but since birds were drawn to that area so often it just wasn’t quite the same.  It also meant putting the clothes back in the washer rather than the sweet smell of sunshine that meant they were nice, clean and ready to put back on the bed.  Bird droppings on one item meant if I looked enough I would find them on the rest.  Even bigger sigh!

Hey, it just occurred to me that I got my mind off the quarantine for a few minutes!  There really is light at the end of that tunnel if you get your mind on other things.  I’m not sure you would want to want your mind to take trips where mine goes most days, but it always comes back at dinnertime!

I’m gonna do something I seldom do,  and challenge each of you to post a photo of yourself in your quarantine clothes!  Mine ended up at the beginning mainly because I’ve forget if I remember how to do this lately.

20200424_050128 (1)



22 thoughts on “Quarantine Blues”

  1. Hello Angela. Thank you for making the masks. As you know there is a shortage and many people do not sew or know how to make then. It is not something people can buy right now.

    As for being at home I guess I am luckier than most. I have been home for years and when I was unable to walk much I never left the house for long periods. It was just too much. What has worked for me was putting my office In the front of the house, the room has lots of windows, faces east and the road in our development. I get lots of light and can see people walking or going by in golf carts. My computers keep me connected to the world. I take great joy in the small things, making a loaf of bread for example.

    I wish you the best. Stay sane, safe, and happy. Hugs

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    1. Hi scottie. I live on the 16th floor in one room. Not many visitors because of the isolation edict but I do keep busy with the sewing and therapy. I think it’s the fact that even when I get out there is nobody else around. Kinda like being in solitary confinement. It doesn’t last long at a time though so I just should have waited an hour before writing that post.

      I bake bread also, usually brown and serve rolls with a recipe my mom got from a neighbor before I was born. I’ve also used the same sourdough she started 40 to 50 year ago. And a friend who helps me with some of the things I have trouble doing while my leg is healing found me some ice today so I can make ice cream before my cream went bad also found 4bottles of alcohol and bought them for me just as I was pouring my last bit into the spray bottle. Hugs

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      1. Hello Angela. You make your won vanilla extract? Wow that is interesting. Is it hard? I never thought about it, but I know it comes from a bean so you must have to crush it. Later today I am going to look up a cinnamon bread recipe and make some. Hugs

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      1. Saturday? I’m lookin’ around, but I don’t see no Saturday here! Got a Monday I’ll sell you real cheap, though! Love you, my friend! Hang in … Saturday will be back ’round soon!

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  2. Hi Angie 🙂 I can’t post pictures of my quarantine clothes because I never could figure out how to post a picture in the comments. AND truth be told….they aren’t any different then my get up and go to work clothes 😂

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    1. I haven’t found a way to do that either! I just meant do it on your next post. But I seem to have lost a day somewhere so don’t pay attention to what I say. I could have sworn this was Saturday! Wonder where that went?

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  3. Quarantine is so much better with our blogging community. Wishing you wellness and healing! “I forget if I remember that or not”. Haha. I have to adopt this.

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    1. I’m not sure how my brother comes up with these gems but he sure has a knack with words. I had to stop playing Scrabble with him once because he had all the words and I had to keep looking them up to be sure he wasn’t bending the rules a bit.

      I’ve always been a loner so the quarantine isn’t so bad now. It just took a little time to get used to it. Thank you for the good wishes. Each one helps. Hugs!

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      1. Haha. So funny about the scrabble. I love scrabble and got the Scrabble Go app to play online. You can play against friends, strangers or the computer. The game moves along quicker when playing against the computer. I’m also a homebody — so I’m not bothered by sheltering. Have you read Party of One: The Loner’s Manifesto? It’s a GREAT book writer by a loner.

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  4. I think I’ll be checking out Amazon after I finish my email. I just wrote the name of the book in my notes and can’t wait to begin. I love getting book recommendations from people. Thank you for this one. I think we loners are more fortunate than the gregarious ones who can’t stay at home or do without the noise of a crowd. Personally, I’m also alone in every crowd I’ve ever been in. I also have the ability to disappear in plain view apparently. Was doing my laundry one evening, alone in the room and sitting in my power chair wearing bright red shirt and pants when two ladies walked in talking to each other. When my dryer went off I started moving over to take the clothes out and they almost put a hole in the 12 foot high ceiling. I never saw two people jump so high, especially after sitting there all that time in such a conspicuous color for an institutional gray background. I can still laugh at that memory.


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