Politics in Comic Form

I seldom do things like this but one of my brothers sent me an email with some really good comics so I’m going to try to get them into a post.  If they don’t show up it will be because I didn’t get them to load or I fall asleep in the process and forget it was never posted.

I’m not sure where these came from except for the one of  me in my favorite mask.  The trouble is, when I wear the masks into a store I keep looking around for someone to come up behind me and tell me I’m under arrest for attempted robbery.  Mine looks better than the ones I see that look like bandanas!  At least I cut out the fabric and sewed 3 layers back together!

Y’all have a great week!


3 thoughts on “Politics in Comic Form”

    1. Thanks Sue. I’ve made so many of the masks for everyone in my building I’m seeing them in my sleep now. As soon as I finish the last orders I’m not making another one in this lifetime — I hope! More fun making the doll dresses!

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