Hmmm, Is It Real?

Okay, I’m trying out the preview of the new WP Editor. I really hate changes but didn’t really like the old editor much so I’m giving it a try.

There are a lot of things to gripe about but since I hate to gripe (and have a blue bridge for sale too — it will take you from Kentucky to Indiana most days) I’m gonna go ahead and do it anyway.

Gripe Number 1 I hate the way it sticks popups with symbols that I’m supposed to be familiar with. I know what the BOLD symbol means, but the rest of them aren’t much help.

Gripe No. 2 So far I haven’t run across a way to insert a photo. Not that I have a photo that would fit most of what I’m saying, just feeling gripey tonight because I can’t sleep, want some ice cream, would fall asleep with it in my lap and wake up when the cold hits, hmm, can’t think of anything else here except for waking up with the ice cream in the lap. Been there, done that and have no wish to go down to the laundry for the third time this week. And those symbols are there again and I don’t want to hit one just to see what it’s gonna do to my last brain cell if I tap one of them.

I now have a list of things below that I’m wondering about. Like how to get rid of the boxes that have opened but don’t have an (x) to give me the chance to get rid of it. And having clicked on some of the symbols to see what the heck they are I’m not sure I’ll ever click on anything again! Of course I really don’t mean that — I’m too curious to leave it all alone.

So, now is the time I would be adding a photo to the bottom. If only I knew how to get one of my poltergeist! I should see if I can find a way to take some of the poltergeist! Since I’ve never seen him before the photos will just have to wait for another TIME.


6 thoughts on “Hmmm, Is It Real?”

  1. I’m going to go back to the old one, Amy. If it will let me, that is. This one is too confusing and having to deal with all those symbols is a pain in the nether parts. If anyone wonders about it my best advice is if you are older than 15 don’t even try it. It takes a kid to make it work! Hugs! ((())) xoxoxo


  2. Yep. I tried and was so dissatisfied that I went back. Glad to see you found the photo insert function! Going back is easy enough once you find the menu option! Good luck (and I hope you get your ice cream today).

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