I tried the new editor and strongly dislike it.  The way my luck goes that will probably make it a hit, but not for me.   I’m back to the old one and sticking with it!  Some things are nice when they are new — clothes, books, hobbies, but not changes in the way I’m comfortable in writing!  Just leave me out if this becomes the new way of doing things!


4 thoughts on “JUST A SUGGESTION”

  1. I’ve had some notices from them that I should switch now because soon they will change it all around whether we want it or not. Have tried to communicate with the people who run WP but they don’t help anyone at all. I’ve actually lost four blogs when I tried to use their professional paid posts and had them all stolen by a company that is monitoring this site and then they were all put up for sale by the pirates. WP wouldn’t even help me recover them. They just kept my money and asked for more even though I was blocked from my own blog. Just a hint, don’t ever give them any money for your site. I think I must be getting too old and too sick from the MS to keep it us much longer. I would hope they will not force it on us, but if they do I can see no future for myself because of the lost brain cells. I don’t have many left after 66 years fighting this disease. Just too tired to keep on. I regret that because it is fun to blog, but at the same time the MS is getting worse and I can feel it slipping more and more each day. I’m already older than most people who have the disease and not many people pay attention to it because it’s not a well known disease. More wide spread than most people realize, but not popular like breast cancer. The irony is that there has been a cure for the cancer out for years but the companies make more money by withholding it, while there is NO cure at all for MS and it is widely ignored by everyone.

    Sorry — I’m ranting again. So now I’ll climb down from my soapbox and tackle some of the mess in my apartment. You are a very sweet person Shweta. I hope you stay this way forever. Hugs from Kentucky!


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