Personal Bill Of Rights

Yes, yes, and yes. I had forgotten most of these rights and I thank you for posting this, and Sue for reblogging it where I would find it.

Silver Moon Cove

I found this in my drafts as one of the posts I never published, so I decided to set it free and release it the universe.

1. I have the right to make choices that enrich my quality of life.

2. I have the right to self-actualize.

3. I have the right to express my pain and sadness without feeling selfish or guilty.

4. I have the right to establish my own relationship standards.

5. I have the right to say “no” to anything when saying “yes” feels wrong for me.

6. I have the right to honor my instincts and heed inner-voice.

7. I have the right to end conversations I find offensive to myself or others.

8. I have the right to my personal truths.

9. I have the right to make mistakes and learn from them.

10. I have the right to prioritize self-help and self-care.


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5 thoughts on “Personal Bill Of Rights”

  1. Good share, Angie! I agree with all of these personal rights, and would only add that rights are also accompanied by responsibility, so we must use our rights with consideration for others, as well. Hugs! ❤

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      1. I always thought it went without saying, too, but these days many seem to take for granted their rights, and shun their responsibility. “I have a right to own as many guns as I want. No, I don’t have to keep them locked safetly away … it’s my hou … BANG … oh no, my kid just shot his mother! Not my fault!” Sigh. HUGS!!!

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  2. Not to mention those who brag about never having cast a vote but then go on to complain about how they have lost the right to do this or that! At one time I would tell them they gave up their rights when they stood on the outside of the polling place looking in and laughing at the people who were in there voting, or the ones working the polls. Then I discovered that you can’t argue with a fool. The entire concept of a fool is that they are always right about everything in the world and everyone else is wrong. And that they deserve all their rights just because they were born here, are white (yeah, that plays a part also), are male — and this also plays a part. That’s another slogan we MUST get rid of — “Free, white and over 21”. How foolish can we be?


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