What Makes A Nation Great — Part I

Now don’t anyone say they didn’t know. This is a 3 part post from one of my good friends with some of my unfortunate traits It warrants a read from everyone on the planet if we are to survive!

Filosofa's Word

This started out to be a simple post, but by last night I was already at 1,868 words and realized that it would need to be broken into two, or possibly even three parts.  I hope you’ll bear with the ramblings of my mind, as I attempt to define what, in my view, makes a nation ‘great’, and where the U.S. stands in that assessment.

For more than five years now, we have been bombarded with Trump’s 2016 campaign slogan, “make America great again”.  I have argued that the U.S. was never ‘great’.  It was once a decent country, certainly one whose citizens enjoyed more rights and freedoms than those of many other countries, but ‘great’ in my mind is something akin to perfect, and the United States has never been anywhere close to perfect.  Nor, for that matter, have most other countries.  A number of readers have argued that…

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