Why Don’t They Listen?

I’ve been mostly in the background lately, but the best place to be when you are watching without being noticed is the background. I’ve checked in WP a few times when I received the threat of this change to the new format being forced on us and have only seen one post that wanted it. Almost to a person I saw posts telling WP they don’t want the new format and yet, here we are. Today they forced it on us, giving us the “choice” of keeping the old format by having to work to find it. This is the fourth time since I began blogging that the format has been changed but each time before it was simple to keep the one we were familiar with. Oh, they switched us to the one they wanted eventually but it just seems different this time. Maybe because of the way the world has changed, maybe because I’m so much older today than I was yesterday. I’m not sure. I only know it’s distracting to have that window blinking at me while I type and that I DO NOT LIKE IT! Granted, I don’t post very often now but I will not apologize for getting older and more set in my ways. And I will not be back often with this new format forced down my throat. At the moment I don’t have anything to say that hasn’t been said before and now I’ll just say “Good night”. WP doesn’t care and I’m getting to that point also, and while I’ll always love my WordPress family I’ll be spending most of my time just trying to survive in this changed world outside blogging. But I will check in occasionally to see what all of you are up to — it just won’t be tonight. I’m tired. Good night!

22 thoughts on “Why Don’t They Listen?”

  1. One thing that you guys who don’t like the new wordpress site can do, and I think it’s still available, though I don’t remember where because I set it up so long ago, is to change it so you can use your email program to post your blog entry, putting the title of your post in the subject and the text of the post in the body.

    Now, form a visual perspective, I don’t know how well this will work for you guys as I am blind but I haven’t heard anyone say that my posts are visually troublesome.

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    1. Well, they told me I could find a block that is actually the old format, but I don’t have the time or the patience left to search for something they took away from me. I also heard from a friend with a business account on WP. He tried to get some help from the people in charge and was told if he didn’t like the new format he should look for another hosting company. As I have just told him, maybe we should all look for another hosting company since WP doesn’t seem to care. Money is what they listen to and if they lose some of that advertising they put on my posts at times as well as all the other blogs they host they might realize they need us more than we need them.

      Take care. I haven’t decided what I’ll do just yet but I know that I will not be much online for a time now. I have been exposed to CV-19 and was tested this morning, but won’t know the results for a few days. Just another of my pet peeves lately and it bit me in the butt before I knew what was happening. Some people are so selfish they don’t care who they could be killing as long as they can exercise their right to forget about taking precautions that are for the other person, not for them. Ah well, it’s been a good run so I’ll try to not let it get me completely down.

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  2. Hello Angela. Take care of yourself and know I care about you. I know how you feel about the new block editor. I was on with their customer service yesterday who told me if I did not like it I should find another hosting company. This after 13 years and well over 3 million hits and I am a business plan member. I was stunned. It is a nightmare to do my cartoon roundup with this new system. Be well. Hugs

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    1. Ya know something Scottie? Maybe we should all cancel our accounts with wordpress and go with someone who cares! I’ve been told so many times by them that they don’t care that I’ve stopped caring myself — about blogging, that is. Since money is the only thing some folks will listen to now, the best thing for us all is to go to another host and take away some of that money they get by putting ads on the free sites. I’ve paid on 3 occasions for my site and each time it was pirated by someone and they refused to help me get it back. I’ve been blogging for several years under so many names that if this one goes bad I won’t be able to get anything back.. I once had hundreds of followers and spent days reading their blogs and now I have just broken the 100 mark as far as followers. I’m not worried about that, but just as an example of the way WordPress has let their quality control go in favor of the money, but they don’t even take care of the people who pay for their sites so I don[‘t know what the answer would be. I’ve adapted to too many changes during my lifetime and now that we are fighting this deadly virus and I have been exposed and am waiting for the results of the test I just can’t handle their insensitive attitude any longer. I’ll probably stop while I’m still in control of my thoughts before it can make me lose that control and lash out. MANY HUGS

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      1. Hello Angela. That is wonderful. I am so glad! Did I tell you that you inspired me to get a small ice cream maker and try making some home made ice cream. Thank you for the inspiration. We love it. We are now planning to get a bigger machine, ours is small, was used so inexpensive, uses ice and salt which I think is a waste of salt. Do you have an suggestions? Hugs

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      2. I love it! The one I have is the old fashioned bucket and yes, it requires salt. I use rock salt which is made mainly for freezing ice cream in summer and melting icy sidewalks in winter. Cheap, dirty looking, and a pain to dispose of in my apartment, but it works. I also use Junket tablets to help the ice cream to freeze easily. I actually prefer the Junket method to the custard type where you use eggs as the base, but since the Junket tablets are next to impossible to find now I guess I’ll have to learn to make the custard type. There are also larger ones that you can put the bucket in the freezer first and let the chemical “ice” freeze solid, then add the ingredients for the ice cream and freeze it that way in the electric bucket. I have a couple of those that are very small and that I use when trying out a new recipe. It keeps me from messing up a lot of cream and sugar in the big container by filling it and discovering later that the taste is not really what I wanted. So, are you also going to make your own vanilla extract? That sure adds another layer of flavor to the ice cream. I’m so glad to hear that you are doing this! Many hugs to you and Ron.

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      3. Hello Angela. I don’t use any tablets, ( I had to look up junket ) just milk and heavy cream, or some recipes call for condensed sweetened milk. I use coarse sea salt for the salt part. Only one vanilla recipe called for extract so I doubt I will make my own. Is it time consuming to make vanilla extract? ? I did see that some recipes called for eggs but the simple two we tried are so good we wont do the egg ones I think. I amazes me how just the mixing motion in the ice bucket for 30 minutes, then putting it in containers in the freezer makes such great tasting ice cream. Thanks again. If you have other suggestions feel free to share them. Hugs

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      4. My junket recipe is older than I am, Scottie, passed down from my mom and grandmother, and almost the only one I have ever used. I’ll probably use the custard method to make frozen custard and I think I have seen the one for the sweetened condensed mild and might try that one just to see how it turns out. I do hope you use a sweetener as well as the milk and cream, and after I give my dream sickle reipe another try to see if I’m remembering it as well as it was I’ll send you that one. If you like fruit in the ice cream you can add fresh or frozen fruit after it begins to freeze but I usually just add some to the ice cream as a topping after it’s ready to eat. The extract is so easy to make you will never want to go back to the store kind. Just get some vanilla beans and a bottle of cheap vodka, cut the beans up and pop them into the bottle (you will have to pour a bit off the top) or if you only buy a few beans just chop them up into a glass jar and add a couple of cups of the vodka. Let it set for about six weeks, giving it a gentle shake every couple of days and after it is ready strain it into a clean container and put a tight lid on. It will last the rest of your life if you don’t use much, but I love it in everything so use loads. It also makes a great gift if you know people who love to bake. Hugs!

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      5. Hello Angela. That is grand, I will show that to Ron and see how he feels about me trying to make our own extract. I look forward to your recipe. We use Splenda for sweetener. It is so sweet I normally use less in the recipes and it is healthier for Ron and I. Hugs

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      6. Hi Scottie, I tried Splenda when it first came out and gained about 60 pounds using it. I wasn’t eating as much but something in it just made the pounds increase. Went back to sugar and lost every ounce. Most of the artificial sweetners give me violent headaches so I just continue with sugar but not as much and get along okay.
        I just have to order some orange juice powder from Amazon to make the dream sickle ice cream. The orange mixes through the vanilla making it all orange, but it had such a wonderful taste. As soon as I remember to order I’ll try the recipe out, write each step as I do it and send it on to you. I might try it with Tang and see if that will do the same trick. Hugs

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  3. I remember Xanga and in the end it was the lack of revenue that forced them to shut down.. Anyway I’m not going to let a new format keep me from connecting with the lovely people on WP. It might take me a few days to figure it out but I’m willing to put in the effort because the blogs I read are worth it!! I do hope you’ll reconsider since I do enjoy reading your posts!!

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    1. I will continue to post on a limited basis but it is very confusing and difficult for me to get used to another new format from them. This is the fifth time since I began blogging. My MS is much worse now and that makes new things more difficult for me to comprehend. My vision is also very iffy, coming and going seemingly at will. And I have lost some friends because of my stand on wearing masks and using the social distancing. So many people still think this is all still a hoax. So many people dead but still they think by standing on their rights and refusing to wear the mask while meeting friends in public places. I think I’m just tired and disillusioned right now and will shake it off eventually.. Thank you for your words of encouragement.


  4. I agree Angie, I do not like the new format editor.. It was forced on my Garden blog… It takes three times as long to post… and four times to find and navigate my way around finding out what does what…. so far my main blog has not changed over.. but its only a matter of time… I too have found no one that likes it…. And for us at the further end of the age scale we can do without all of the hassle…
    Sending love your way take care my friend and good to see you blogging… I have not been as active in recent Months or weeks on WP either…. I have been finishing off some knitting, and crafting projects…

    Much love and enjoy your weekend ❤

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    1. It is bad enough that my vision is going without my brain power being so taxed by this new format, Sue. I went thru all of the “blocks” they have and found the one marked classic but it is still not the one I have been used to. Their cavalier attitude about finding another carrier is almost enough to make me begin looking around for something easier, I used Weebly for a while and love the ease of it but it only posts to facebook and nothing else, so if you aren’t looking for it you are in trouble. Has other problems also that I don’t remember but maybe they have been ironed out by now. I’m not sure what it is like now but very tempted to back and find out
      I only post sporadically now, so many other things are taking up my time. I’m quilting again, making face masks for anyone who needs some and then there are my baby dolls. It seems impossible that we are so close to Christmas and that is when they must all be ready for the little girls who wouldn’t otherwise have anything else this year. Next year I hope to have more as well as stuffed animals and some type of toys for little boys, but for this year I’m having lots of fun playing with dolls again, even if only for a little while. 😇💖🌹

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      1. one of the weird parts of MS is that my vision comes and goes now. Blind one day and a few days later perfect vision. I never take it for granted anu more because i know it could go for good at any time, but once again I can see well after sleeping for about 48 hours. I think the answer is to get some sleep every night and things will be better. 😇❤

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