Message From Gov. Andy Beshear

This morning I read a message from our Governor Andy that is very well stated and with any luck at all will be able to add it to this post.


From the Office of Governor Andy Beshear:

OP-ED: Bipartisan Election Agreement Puts Kentuckians’ Health First

Gov. Beshear:

Sec. Adams:

Frankfort, KY (Aug. 28, 2020) – In the midst of a global health pandemic caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19), as a Democratic Governor and a Republican Secretary of State we have proven that we can put partisanship aside to make our elections safer for our people.

We know that working across the aisle to reach a bipartisan agreement, regardless of where you live from Washington, D.C. to Frankfort, Kentucky, during any year, certainly an election year, is all too rare.

We don’t always agree, but we have no disagreement when it comes to protecting the health of Kentuckians during this pandemic, while making sure they are able to exercise their patriotic duty.

On Aug. 14, we announced an agreement to give Kentuckians more options to vote safely leading up to and on Election Day, Nov. 3, 2020.

We put politics aside – there was no political “horse-trading”. We knew we had to get this right for the people of Kentucky.

This was not the first time we’ve worked together for Kentucky’s benefit.  Earlier this year when the coronavirus was intensifying in the commonwealth, we jointly delayed party primaries and then quickly reached an agreement to allow those concerned about their health to vote absentee

The result of our agreement, we had near record turnout. We had the commonwealth’s highest primary turnout in 12 years – with both Democrats and Republicans taking advantage of voting options that helped to keep them safe.

We believe the primary was largely successful because we worked together in a bipartisan fashion.  That not only led to a better product, with concerns on both sides accommodated, but it also showed all voters that our new election rules were fair, legitimate and credible.

The plan was not perfect, but we learned from that experience.

Our plan for the general election keeps the best of what worked in the une primary, especially giving voters options to safely cast their votes, and it makes improvememts were necessary, including pushing for more in-person voting locations and faster election results.

During this pandemic, Kentuckians will have more than just 12 hours to vote at one polling place on election Day.

Our plan includes:

Expanded absentee voting – Kentuckians who are concerned about in-person voting due to the coronavirus can request an absentee ballot online at or through other methods, all of which require voter identity verification.  Voters can return their ballots by mail or put them in drop boxes we’re distributing, a first for out state.

Early in-person voting – in order to reduce lines and further social distancing, we’re offering three weeks of early in-person voting, including Saturdays, also a first for our state.

Election Day Voting – While every precinct will be open on ElectionDay, because, for example, some of our regular voting locations are nursing homes, Kentuckians are stepping up to serve as poll workers so that we can open as many locations as possible.  Our plan requires every county to have at least one vote center, where anyone from that county can go vote, regardless of his or her precint – anothher reform for our state.

Finally, Kentuckians who are unable to get a photo ID to vote due to the pandemic – whether because of risk of exposure to COVID-19, or because their clerk’s office was closed – can sign a document explaining this concern, present non-photo ID and cast their ballots.

We know that there is still a lot of work ahead, including educating Kentuckians on their options and working with local election officials on the implementation.


This is my typed copy of this article since I was unable to add the article from the original email I received.  I’m sure there is a way but haven’t learned that as yet.  Any typos are my own, but the rest of the body of this post is typed from a copy of the Governor’s statement, backed up by the Sec. of State, Michael Adams. 

A note at the beginning of the statement is as follows: *Media outlets are welcome to print the following op-ed in its entirety”.  Not sure if I qualify example of how both parties are working together in this state to make it easier for us to vote.  If Kentucky can do it, why not the entire nation?  I know we have a senator who is against anything for the good of the country, but maybe even Mitch McConnell will read the statement and reconsider his out dated stand on everything.



9 thoughts on “Message From Gov. Andy Beshear”

    1. Unfortunately Twitchy Mitchy wouldn’t listen to them. He is an entity unto himself, and probably considers himself above God. Our only help will be for Mitch to be soundly defeated, and that is looking really iffy. Unfortunately he has the war chest and Amy is struggling. Thank you.


    1. I have known all along he is sensible and actually cares about the people of the state, but he continues to surprise me with the way he bends over backward to do the right thing and to get along with the opposite party


  1. If I lived in Kentucky, Governor Beshear would have my vote for a lifetime! Heck, I’d even vote for him as president if he were to ever run! What a sensible and caring man he is! Now, let’s just hope the good people of Kentucky do the right thing and send Mitch McConnell packing!!! Thanks for sharing this, my friend!

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  2. He would get my vote for President too if he ever decides to run. I could easily vote for him for more than two terms also. As for sharing it, I just HAD to show that there are still some sensible people around this state that gave the country Abraham Lincoln and a few other good sensible politicians..who actually care about the people. One of my cousins was at one time the speaker of the house in Frankfort and if he had not made a huge mistake he could have beat Mitch hands down. Unfortunately he goofed big time and paid the price for it,


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