In two weeks it will be a year since I fell and broke my leg.  Three weeks later I returned home and the world had changed.

My aunt had been quarantined for a month by that time but the rest of us were still living as usual when I fell. She has been alone most of the past year while the changes have been taking place!  I was alone here during the year, but i was not locked down.  I could still go out as freely as I wished, but discovered how much I didn’t want to go!

My year has been spent working on sewing doll clothes!  The dream was to give the dolls with complete wardrobe to a thrift store that catered to foster homes, not charging the family at all if they couldn’t afford it.  We were sure the pandemic would be just a bad memory by Christmas .  that all would be well.  There would be a cure.  

  WRONG!!! A strange year. Friends have been lost to COVID-  19! I’ve reached saturation point. I don’t read the paper now, don’t watch the news.  I don’t want to know!  I want my old life back.  I want to put dolls in the arms of little girls who need them.  I want to be there when my brother’s ashes are scattered at one of his favorite places! I want my old life back.

I want to see my aunt again!


10 thoughts on “Whatever”

    1. Thank you, Ruth. The dolls are a work of love, but they also help me keep a little bit of sanity. When they were stolen it felt like another part of my life was missing. Realistically I know life will never be the one we used to know but maybe it can become better!

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  1. Those clothes are beautiful!! You are not alone in wanting life to resume as if nothing had happened. The reality is not so easy – but I retain hope that soon we will be again gathering safely and traveling to reunite with far flung family and friends. Hang in there!


    1. Realistically I know we will never go back to how things were. And I’ll never see some members of my family again. Too much has happened. It will be like trying to recover after another world war —a war fought with germs rather than guns. But hopefully things will be better in the new era! It could go either way.


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