when march arrives

can spring be far behind? The sun has come out today, a sight we had lost track of lately with first the frigid weather, then rain, but now it’s big, it’s yellow, it’s in the sky and it’s radient. It must mean spring, but lately, who really knows? While most of the country east of the Rockies had snow we had ice, sleet, black ice and finally a couple of inches over it all, just to make walking out there challenging, I don’t think anyone in the building fell and broke anything this year, but really I can’t say for certain because I’m stuck in my apartment observing the quarantine while so many are out running around sans masks, acting like nothing on earth is bothering them. Now that I think about it, they really aren’t bothered by it all while the ones trying to stay healthy are all locked away and out of sight.

Not a lot has been happening. Or maybe it has and no one noticed. Kinda like taking your guitar to a party and not being asked to play back in the old days when we went to parties, I don’t think I would remember how to act at a party these days. Now that I think about it, I’m betting I would not be able to host one again. My social skills have redeveloped into something more akin to staying home and watching TV while my hair and waistline expand a bit more every day. Hopefully the waistline is tapering off now. I know this because I had to change my jeans back one size this morning after pulling up the larger ones for the dozenth time.

It’s really late in the day now and I’ll bet no one noticed I was gone. So glad I didn’t have my guitar with me all day waiting, LOL. I decided to take advantage of the sunshine and get some groceries before I ran completely out. I’m happy to say I can now make a chicken sandwich, but not much else because I focused mainly on getting the ingredients for caramel candy. And now I’ve just finished making that, poured it in a pan to cool and time will tell if I have to crack it with a hammer or eat it with a spoon. I’m sure it’s too much to hope that it will be just right. At least the taste is there, and for me that’s the best part. I have plenty of spoons if it comes to that. It’s just hard to send it to people thru the mail when it runs like the first batch of the year.

My good friend, Beck called while I was stirring the candy and we talked the entire time. She lived here at one time, came down with COVID, and now has moved out of this place, something I plan on doing as soon as I can find a place with wheelchair accessibility. I’ve seen some of the virtual tours of a few places that are so nice, but no ramps or elevators. I actually have never tried to drive up a flight of stairs but the little bit of common sense left tells me not to try that stunt. Seems like with all of the stair climbers they make these days there should be at least one affordable way to get a power chair up steps without an elevator. Maybe in someone’s lifetime, just not in mine.

It’s well after dark now, but according to the clock it’s not very late. Not sure if Daylight Savings Time is to blame or not, but it darkness continues well after I get out of bed in the morning, so it must be a cloud settling over me, like that kid in the Peanuts cartoon. I’m just not going to hold my breath waiting for spring to pop out. Blue faces just don’t look too good with my hair color.

Had a few more words written up there but they suddenly disappeared so my resident poltergeist must be at work. I think I’ll go rescue the candy before he gets a chance to make it disappear. I can do that myself. Make it disappear, that is. Of course I would never make it through the door again if I do that. Okay, I’m gonna stop rambling now before I get so lost in a thought someone will have to draw me a map to get back.

Well, I managed to find some of my photos but not exactly the way I had planned. So sorry about that, but I couldn’t find a way to erase them or to crop them. I guess I still have a lot of work to do to learn how to manage this crazy format. I sure don’t like it any better now than I did when they first came up with forcing it on me.


14 thoughts on “when march arrives”

  1. Oh don’t stop rambling! I was enjoying your musings and ramblings immensely!

    Like you, it’s been a full year now since I’ve been anywhere other than the grocery, and usually that’s just the drive thru pick-up lane after ordering my groceries online. Most days, I find I don’t even care, but every now and then it really bothers me … I really long for an hour or two spent at Barnes & Noble sipping coffee and perusing the books, or a dinner out at one of our favourite restaurants. I think those days are over for good for me, as I read today that the pandemic is not likely to end this year. Still, I am much luckier than so many, so I shan’t complain.

    I love the pictures … my favourite is the dress in the third one … it is so beautiful! When spring comes, perhaps I will be able to make the … what, about 100 miles? … journey down there and spend a day with you. I would enjoy that. Take care, my friend. BIG HUGS! ❤

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    1. I think it is closer to 150 miles, but since I have no sense of reality when it comes to travel it could be closer. I know Louisville is about 75 miles and Frankfort 125 if memory serves me right, but it’s been so long since I was able to go that far it could well be in the next county and my sense of direction would have me driving a thousand miles out of the way before finding the original destination. Can’t imagine why no one ever followed my directions when they went places. I did have a habit of taking the scenic route which added lots of mileage to my trips. I do hope you can get here. We can avoid the inside of the building and meet out under the spring trees, even have a picnic lunch or go over to one of the nearby restaurants. We have a Mexican restaurant, a sandwich shop that has a great selection, a McDonalds Long John Silvers, Chinese, and a little bit farther the best barbecue place in the area. I can get to all of them in my chair, so just decide which kind of food you want. I think there are a few pizza places also, but since I make my own pizza I seldom go to those.

      I love making the doll clothes, leaned how when I was about 6, then made them for my sisters dolls, my daughter’s dolls, and now back to my own. And they aren’t even wearing the prettiest in some of those photos. Those were just the ones I was able to pull up for the post.

      I really do hope you can come for a visit. It is pretty here in the spring.


  2. Angie, why are you staying locked in your apartment? You are safe to go outside. We’ve all been lied to and someday that truth will be known to all. Go out for a walk. You won’t regret it. I promise.

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    1. Hi Amy, I would love to believe it is all a hoax, but my best friend in the building is gone now. The “lie” is what took her, after another person on her floor ignored the restrictions and spread it throughout that floor. A couple of others from that floor got it as well, with one other dying and his wife recovering. I’m not worried about whether or not I get it but then I’ve been ready to go when I’m called for several years.

      Most of the reason I stay in my apartment though is because there is nothing else to do. All the public rooms in the building are locked and the weather is too horrible to go outside. And you have no idea how much I would love to take a walk/ I’m at the point where I am having problems walking around the apartment without something to hang on to. I’ve fallen several times and not sure how many more times I can hit my head without splitting it open.

      I’m just waiting for the weather to stay dry for a few days so I can get out of here and drive around town, go down to see the river, go to the library, maybe even shop for more fabrics for the doll clothes and quilts. Or just get in the middle of the street and drag race someone in a car. I would be counting on them being too shocked at seeing me there to give me a good start!

      Love and hugs. XXXOOO

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      1. Angie, I’m really sorry about your friend. Many people have died and it is terrible that your friend is one of them. There does exist a viral respiratory flu that with some people, just like the flu, when they get it they do die. It depends on how healthy you are, or how many other disorders one has. Also I know for a fact people were not treated correctly in the hospitals. This whole pandemic has been blown out of proportion and when we allow some time between now and the future to clear our heads, we will see the bigger picture and be horrified by what occurred. We were lied to about all kinds of things and me being educated medically know this. I just hate to see anyone I care for living in fear when truly nothing has changed on this planet. We’ve always had diseases, many of which are fatal. Last year death rates did not increase. Fact. If there was a real pandemic the numbers would have been drastically increased. The CDC came out and said the death rates were wrongly increased. Fact. Many deaths were called as Covid when actually the person died of the flu or cancer or heart attacks. Doctors and or hospitals received MONEY to put Covid on the death certificate. There is so much involved and some day the whole world will know how crimes against humanity were committed.
        I hope for your sake the weather gets warmer. The last I heard at least 17 states have lifted the mask mandates and many more are saying no more to the limited indoor seating, opening businesses back up inclusive of gyms. Think about why. What happened in November? What has all this really been about? Outright murder was committed, abuse, torture to millions of people. How my heart breaks knowing that perhaps the greatest tragedy in the history of mankind occurred.
        I have been busy crocheting baby afghans for babies or Moms I know who are expecting. I am unable to wear a mask and due to the state I live in, no one accepts my mask exemption. So either I go out to the parks with my cameras or I stay home with my babies and create. It’s been a very difficult year for all of us and I will be so relieved when this nightmare is behind us. I pray people have learned by never again allowing government to become tyrannical. Honey, I just know too much. My eyes have been opened and once opened, you just cannot unsee. I am so relieved you lived through this period of history. Sending you much love to you! xo

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      2. Amy, I lived thru this flu. I know how it feels to still be here when so many have not lived and I also know the severe, most horrible pain I have ever had in my lifetime was not a regular type of illness. For several days I was almost totally paralyzed by that pain, unable to move at all because it hurt too much. I’ve lived with pain most of my life because of the MS, but never anything like what I experienced during that period. My phone had not worked since I hadn’t charged it for a couple of days and no one came to check on me so all I could do was lie there on the floor until the worst was over. I’m still not back 100%, but at least I can move again in spite of the lingering pain. I don’t normally feel it because the MS has cut off the nerve that controls that area of the brain, but this time I felt it. I still don’t know why I was left here again, I just know that I was not feeling a hoax or a lie. I never wanted my kids to know this happened, but please take my word for it — it is REAL. It’s something I wouldn’t wish on anyone on this earth, and I know it is real. Yes, we have been lied to by everyone, but this virus is not a lie. I have some medical background also, my next to last job being assistant to the Epidemiologist at the District Health Department. Part of that job was to track several pre-cursors to this latest pandemic. I won’t verbalize my idea of what it’s all about, but we had a pandemic while I was working there also, one that I spotted several months before it gained a foothold on the world and one that I had to keep track of. It also came out of China, and again they were trying to hide it. My information proved correct so our area escaped a lot of the problems that caught other areas by surprise.
        I know there is a lot of controversy about this present pandemic, a lot of people not sure what to believe, but after these past few weeks I HAVE to believe it. I don’t want anyone else to ever feel the kind of pain I am still living through. And I can only imagine the ones who were suffering worse than I was. I don’t know why I was left, for that matter, I don’t know why I wasn’t notified by building management that I had been exposed after my friend told them to notify me that she had contracted the virus. I had been visiting her and neither of us wore masks. This is my fact. My truth, my reality. The next step is unknown. Please don’t take chances with your life. And please, believe that it is real. I don’t want anyone else to ever hurt like that again. xoxoxo

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      3. Angie, I am not communicating properly or something. I know this virus is real. That is not what I was saying. I too became ill and felt the pain. It’s just too complicated to get into here. I have the antibodies. I never take chances with my health. I know what most people don’t know (yet) and this is why what I say is not being interpreted right. Let’s just suffice to say, there is an evil overtone to this virus and everything else that is happening in the world. This is a battle between good and evil. Good is winning. xoxoxo

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      4. PS I never said what happened is a hoax. I can and will say this …. in combination of turning 5G on and releasing a manmade virus that is what has caused the deaths and the many who became ill. There is even a lot more to this then that. Again, when the truth comes out it will be shocking. Bottom line, we’ve all been betrayed.

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      5. I’m sure it is man-made and also that it is just part of a beginnning of germ warfare, something so hideous to think of that it boggles the mind to know that a government is doing this on purpose and using it’s own citizens as test subjects to see how effective it is. This is the second one I’m aware of but there could have been many, many more.
        I think I was not interpreting what you said correctly, due mainly to so many personal problems I have had. One more bang on my head will cause it to split open, and that affects my reasoning a lot lately. The brain can only stand so many injuries before it shuts down completely. Also, I have learned that I was on the list of people to be notified about my friend having tested positive and contracting the virus. The building manager was supposed to notify me that I had been exposed but she failed to do so, instead posting a note saying EVERYONE who needed to know had been notified. This concerns me mainly because she knows that I know she is not qualified to manage two buildings full of senior citizens. Life should not have to be lived in such an insane manner. Other things in the past year lead me to believe I’m on someone’s hit list, so I’m just trying to lay low and under the radar for now.
        I also learned today that another brother is fighting cancer, and the thought of losing another one so soon is making me crazy.
        I’m sorry for all the misunderstandings. It’s just such a bad time here. I want to get back to the country where I can breathe again. I love you!


      6. Angie, unable to access my blog on laptop right now. Just wanted to tell you that you are spot on in your conclusions. I’ve been laying low too but the day is coming soon that truth will be known. Just hang on a little while longer. I’ve had very personal tragedies this past year, with 3 of my babies dying and a 4th diagnosed with Diabetes with glucose levels off the ceiling. Im convinced it is due to 5G. We are surrounded by towers which pisses me off to no end. I live for the day this evil nightmare comes to an end. Sending so much love to you!! Xoxo


  3. Hi Angie! I don’t know if you remember me but several years ago I used to blog about Kentucky books and authors. You were always so kind and commented on my posts. It’s been awhile since I’ve logged onto WordPress and searched for anyone. So, I’m glad to see you are doing okay and are still blogging. Take care friend! Rebecca Frodge (My blog was With Love, From Kentucky)

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    1. I absolutely DO remember you, Rebecca. I haven’t done much blogging for a couple of years myself, but it’s great to see you again. Personally I have almost stopped because of the new format they forced on us. I don’t have the time to search for what I was once able to just bring up so easily and it’s just not always worth the search. I think at times I’ve run out of things to say, but then I think it might be because I’m not going out much lately.

      This area (Owensboro) has been so wet for so long, and it’s just alwaus a tossup whether we can go somewhere in a power chair and get back home still dry. And the bone chilling cold for a couple of weeks just leaves me wanting to stay in bed all the time.

      Angela Wink

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      1. They (this site) sure don’t make it easy but I’m glad you are still here.

        I can understand not going out much now either, though in your situation there are far more factors you have to weigh. Everything changed last March. I haven’t eaten inside a restaurant in over a year. My son hasn’t been inside school since then either. Those two statements would have been just unimaginable to me a year ago. But I count myself blessed to have been able to stay mostly at home during this time. I have an autoimmune disease so both my husband and my children were fearful of how my body would have reacted to Covid. Wednesday I got my first dose of the vaccine so we are all breathing a little easier now. I know you must have had the same fears as well. It was (and still is) a scary time. I’m hoping you are coping okay.

        The weather this past month has been yucky for sure! First ice, snow, and bitter cold then wet and dreary. It’s enough to make anyone want to stay in bed. I can’t imagine the amount of effort it takes for you to get out (power chair, mask, etc.) You certainly don’t need to contend with crappy weather on top of it all! I hope it warms up a bit soon and we have a nice Spring.

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  4. We have had over a week of sunshine and warmer weather, with temps in the 50’s and 60’s. I have gone out riding in my chair a couple of times but both times seasonal allergies hit so hard it made the joy of being outside in fresh (?) air, questioning the fresh part. My own personal theory is that for a year now no one has been breathing in the allergens that collect in the Ohio River Valley, so now if you lower the mask for a few minutes while outside along the allergens wham into you with added force. No proof of that, but from the reaction I had something had to be different about them this year.

    We have been under flood warnings since early in the year, and before that flood watches for three years. the ground stays saturated most of the time and everything looks moldy to me. It could jst be my eyes that are moldy though. I feel like I was growing some during all the frigid weather we had earlier in the year. I stayed inside the entire time but could feel the cold seeping in through the windows. Most of the time I was covered from head to toe with flannel lined clothes and blankets with hands free to sew, of course. 😇💖


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