Another try!

I’ll try this again. Maybe I’ll continue to try but no promises. I don’t know if it’s my computer or the format lately, but nothing I have written in a few weeks now has made it to the public view after I hit “Publish”. Half the time I can’t even find the button to push, so I keep telling myself it’s not worth the aggravation. Being a rather stubborn female I keep on trying, and trying, and trying. It almost reminds me of the pink bunny, but since I have no energy at all lately I’m not sure what that rabbit is representing — or is it still representing anything at all? Now that I think about it, I can’t remember seeing any of those commercials lately. Maybe I’m extinct and haven’t realized it yet. Maybe I’m actually living on another planet and can’t remember the trip. Now that I give it some thought, I can’t remember dinner tonight. I have a feeling I forgot to eat it, but then, I have been snacking most of the day.

I found a Snoopy cartoon on Pinterest a few months ago that really hit home. Snoopy has gained a lot of weight, and the caption reads, “After the virus looks”. I can relate. My diet used to be good, eating a lot of veggies and good for me foods. Since the pandemic it consists of a lot of comfort foods — barbecue potato chips, ice cream, candy, cake, pie, and possibly the worst of all — buffalo chicken wings! They are delicious but I can’t seem to get enough, unless of course, I choke on them. There’s just something about fried food that tastes better to me at the moment than the healthier baked version I used to eat. Fried catfish, fried chicken, fried potatoes, lately even fried baloney sandwiches! Covered with cheese! And washed down with my cherry coke! Followed by a large helping of homemade ice cream liberally covered with chocolate syrup! It’s a good thing I broke my leg last year and not this one. It would take the entire fire department to get me on a gurney this year, while a year ago one person was able to pick me up for the transfer.

I’ve been going out more lately than during the months before I was vaccinated. Been to visit my aunt two times since they lifted the quarantine at her nursing home, even saw my cousin last week when we both visited at the same time. We used to both visit on the same day as a way to keep in touch but now? So much change. As you may know, I don’t adapt well to change lately.

Okay, I’m going to attempt to add some photos of my dolls and then try to publish. If you don’t see this it will mean I didn’t make it!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Well, I found the photos but most of my dolls have kinda disappeared. If I can ever find my camera again, the one I put away where I could always find it again, I’ll be able to put more photos on here. It’s difficult to find them right now after updating my computer after installing a new driver. What a mess these things can be if they stop working! That’s okay though. I have a good program that helps me repair them.

Dinner time and I’m in hog heaven!

7 thoughts on “Another try!”

  1. Well, it worked! I received the notification and found this post right off! Since right now I am still full from eating a piece of fish and an onion ring a couple of hours ago, the food you mention doesn’t appeal, but it might later! I love the picture of the dog! Now, as I recall, you don’t have a dog … am I wrong and you’ve gotten one, or did I just forget that you had one? He/she is beautiful! The doll’s outfits are gorgeous, too. As for the Energizer bunny … I have about one day a week when I can keep on going … and going … and going … the rest of the time I’m lucky to manage getting out of bed! Love ‘n hugs, my friend!


    1. The dog is Max, the one I had who was poisioned by the stuff the exterminators spread in my apartment while I was gone one day. It was on his food and in the water I think, but will never know for sure. I haven’t replaced him because he can’t be replaced. It would be like replacing one of my kids.

      I’m not sure where all of the photos of the dolls went, but I ran a program to update the driver for my physical keyboard on the laptop. It had stopped working and hooking one up to it was not very good. I finally ran the troubleshooter, found out the driver was outdated, contacted Lenovo, and installed the new driver. Works like a charm now. The same program also scanned the entire laptop, found some problems and fixed them, and while creating more space by getting rid of excessive files, I guess it archived my photos and stuck them out in cyberspace someplace. Fortunately I still have some of them on other devices, so my bluetooth and I will be having a transfer party one day soon.

      I still wasn’t able to do more than hit “publish” but at least it let me do that much this time. I’ll continue to try, but probably not every day.

      Got a note from our mutual friend today. Things didn’t go too well for him on the shopping trip.

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      1. Awwww … I am … quite literally … shedding tears for Max. Pobrecito. Sigh.

        I can help if you are having problems with WP … well, maybe I can. Let me know.

        Yes, I emailed you about that. Sigh.


    1. I think I’m finally slowing the eating part down and have lost about five pounds, but this editor and I would come to blows if we ever met in person. Or I guess I meant the one who came up with the idea of fixing things that weren’t broken. I guess they have to pretend they are earninng their money some way, but i wish they would only inconvenience themselves from now on.


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