it’s out!

Last night, after a day of agony from the needle in my foot I removed the dressing prior to the shower time and an inch long piece of metal popped out. Now I can’t decide if it really was a needle or a pin, or even a paperclip. I called a Podiatrist yesterday for an appointment to see if he could get it out for me, or at least try something. If I had known that was all it would take to get the silly thing to come out on its own I would have made the call on Monday!

So now no more antibiotics, no more warm soaks, no more big bandages, just a little band aide for a few days to cover the site it went in and then, barring my finding another one the same way, I’ll be okay. As i told my son, my foot is now as empty as my head! I really must try to remember to wear shoes though. I’ve caught myself a couple of times jumping out of the chair and starting across the room barefoot. Way too much for a brain dead person to remember.

It was a lovely trip to the doctor’s though. Green grass, green leaves on the trees that had finished blooming, and blooms on so many of our dogwood trees. I didn’t notice any azaleas today, but we weren’t exactly on a sight seeing tour, so if it is as pretty tomorrow as today I’ll sail forth in my power chariot and take a tour of our “Dogwood and Azalea” trail, just a few blocks from my building. If not very pretty I’ll hang out at the library for a little while. It’s been forever since I visited there. At least it has seemed like forever to me.

One of my favorite emojis
One of my earlier dolls, now living with her full time mama.

Hey, it seems that a lot of things are beginning to shape up here. I actually managed to insert a couple of photos before the beginning or the end of the post.


9 thoughts on “it’s out!”

    1. Not only hard to break, but painful in some cases. I only have one pair of shoes that don’t hurt someplace when I put them on, but after an hour or so even they start complaining!


  1. I’m so glad it’s out! I never wear shoes in the house, and don’t even wear them outside unless I’m going somewhere, like the grocery (the only ‘somewhere’ I’ve been in over a year!), but I’ve been lucky I guess. I love that “Me Time” ‘toon! Have a great weekend, my friend! ❤

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    1. Would be doing better if I could get my fat fingers on the right keys here. One of these days I might send you a sample of the first draft of anything at all so you can see that only a Martian or Plutonien can read it. Not too sure about the one from Pluto though. Is that the one that got demoted from the planet lineup? Since it happened a few years ago I don’t remember much about it.

      As for wearing shoes in the house, most of them are so uncomfortable it makes my feet feel worse than having a needle stuck in them. And the way the needle went in my best guess is that it was IN my shoe and got jammed into my foot when I was trying to get the shoe on. I always feel pins and needles when putting anything on my feet, so not sure that is all that good for them. Anyway, huge relief to have it out! Love ya, girl!


    1. That trick is even older than I am, Vic. I’ve used it for all embedded objects most of my life, following the example of my mother who followed her mother’s example. Most of the time it works for things like bee stings, but have to admit, I’ve never tried it on a pin or needle,

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      1. It works for deep splinters, so it should work for other objects. After all, its the skin around the object that reacts to the soda, right?


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