it’s been too long!

I haven’t been posting lately. So much going on in my life that I’ve been overwhelmed with it all. Back in December I wrote a post about my brother and his death. On Friday his funeral will take place somewhere in the mountains surrounding Colorado Springs. My youngest brother, a priest, is there now to preside over the funeral Mass, using a stone as an altar and the entire universe as a cathedral. I wish I could be there.

It has been a long time since my last trip to Colorado. I always came home exhausted and sick. Then I was told I have MS and that the altitude there could make me feel lousy. Hmm, that explained a lot. I’m in a remitting condition now! Not sure why or what brought it on, but between the exhaustion and the headaches most of my day is spent draped across the recliner praying for a merciful death! Not something I fear, and also not something I plan on taking into my own hands, Just something I feel when the MS acts up. I’m perfectly normal, whatever normal is, when it calms down. No energy most of the time but having lived with MS since ripe old age of eleven (11), I’ve been used to it all my life. Just didn’t know there was a name that went with that lack of energy back then.

It’s good to be out of most of the confines of the latest pandemic. I’m so used to wearing a mask now though that I still grab one on my way out the door. It’s nice though to feel the breeze blowing on my face and feel heat from the sun (when it shines). It was also nice to have the masks during the winter months when I drove my power chair to the grocery. I lined several of the masks with flannel and it kept my face from freezing while I was out in the elements. I might continue to wear them during the winter because of that. The fogging of glasses was a real bummer, but they fog up when I go inside after being out in the cold anyway. A friend told me it would help to use shaving cream on them before I went out. Of course I tried that but it didn’t help the fogging. It did make the lenses cleaner than anything else I’ve ever used so I keep that on hand now and when I remember to clean them (usually when I can’t see my hand in front of my face) I use the shaving cream. It’s amazing how much your vision improves when you clean your glasses,

We’ve been through a lot around here. The latest and worst news came on Mother’s Day when my older son called to inform me they were unable to come for a visit. He and my daughter-in-love were both seriously ill with COVID. Not something a mother ever wants to hear. Fortunately they are both recovering now and last Sunday he was at my door with a bag of chocolates.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Two of my latest dolls and the dresses I made for them.