Made it through another night without incident. Possible exception is that my TV remote is still missing 3 weeks after the poltergeist removed it. And since the sound has gone out on my TV finding the remote isn’t that much of an option now. Therefore, I predict it will turn up where it should be any time now. Thankfully I can still watch movies on the Kindle. If that goes missing I’m going to put out some very large rat traps to see if they will work on poltergeists!

So, today Mike will stop by with a few items from the grocery — if he remembers. My memory isn’t all that great, but I have a reason for that. MS! Only half a brain cell still working, so no dementia or anything to blame for that, unlike the rest of the family — except for one of my cousins who also has MS. My kids are just getting older so…..

Actually, at some time during the night I woke up, felt a bit empty, so I got some fish out of the freezer and cooked it. Tasted pretty good but standing there on one foot became a bit hairy after the first couple of minutes.

I may have forgotten (MS – remember) to mention the taking of vitals during my stay at the hospital. Thinking about food was a good reminder. Someone came in during every meal to check them. They use a probe type thermometer to get my temperature and since I don’t schedule sips of ice water or times to put a bite of breakfast sausage in my mouth we just had to live with what they found. The water incident didn’t have any bad results but when she stuck the thermometer in my mouth the next morning I had just put a bite of sausage in there and you can probably guess what the thermometer got stuck in. By that time the sausage was a nice, warm 100.2 degrees. Treatment for possible infection to me began almost immediately, even though I tried to tell them that was NOT my temp. Just another method of not listening to the patient. Of course the sausage which would have been my proof was no longer available for them to analyze so I received a pneumonia shot — or so they told me, and an instrument of torture called breathing treatment.

Just the way it is. Photo from Pinterest.

The knee walker I had yesterday was defective (brakes wouldn’t release) so I called the provider. They brought me another one, made sure it was all attached and the right height, and all tested. Trouble is, this time the brakes don’t hold at all. And I still haven’t made some knee pads for my boney knee. Where did all the fat that used to be on my knees go? And when? And what part of my anatomy is going to fail me next? I’ll let you know if I suddenly grow horns or…OH, just thought of a very real possibility and I don’t like this one. Last year when I had surgery I lost a lot of hair after the anesthesia. And I’ve never had all that much hair to begin with. Ohboy! Guess I’ll have to look at scarves and wigs this year!

Oh dear! Just got a text from my daughter.  She got the COVID booster a couple of days ago and is having a bad reaction to it.  I got mine Tuesday with no reaction at all.  I hate that for her!  Wonder why some have bad reactions while the rest of us don’t?





Lessons learned in the past eight days! Take my time when standing up. Call 911 as soon as you fall because it only hurts worse the longer you wait. When the EMT’s and Fire personnel arrive feast your eyes when they all turn out to be very good looking.

Monday morning of last week I stood up and turned around a bit too fast and down I went. If only I could always take my son’s advice and hit my head I might have been okay, but naturally my feet slid into a pile of stuff I had been sorting through and I knew immediately something was not right. My nurse was coming so I knew the door had to be unlocked for her but walking wasn’t an option, so I scooted to the door, a very long way to scoot! Ya know what they focused on at the ER? My butt! Sure, it was kinda red from scooting on it, but for heaven’s sake, my ankle was the size of my waist, and I have a very sizable waist now.

Hooray! I made it through the night with all parts intact. PT just left a few minutes ago and advised me the next time I got bored I should just call and talk to them instead of falling. What a concept! Come to think of it, my Aunt told me the same thing earlier. I do have a hard head, but that does sound like a much less painful idea than trying to pirouette on my two left feet. I’ve tried to convince people that I’m actually very graceful with no success at all. But! I got to show the PT how well (?) I could maneuver the knee walker. He must have seen something funny out the window because he just kept laughing at me. It could have been my 28 point turns or possibly the parallel parking routine. Now who uses parallel parking any more when it’s so easy to just drive into a spot. I’ve circled parking lots for hours waiting for a spot, not lately of course, but when I still drove a car. Now I just weave my way around people looking for a place within a mile of the store and drive right into the front door.

He insisted that I sit back in my lift chair so he could witness the dismount. I made it okay — at least in my opinion. Left foot never touched the floor, right hand on the arm of the chair while left one was moving my sewing stuff off the cushion, a kind of flop to the seat. Like I have said, I’m not a graceful swan, but I made it intact without ever touching the floor with the left foot. Now I’m trying to convince my bony left knee to give it up and stop trying to complain. Guess I’ll have to make a cushion for it but that seems so much like spoiling a crying baby who didn’t get the toy he kept pulling off the shelf in the toy store. I wouldn’t do that for the baby so why spoil the knee? Oh, of course! The knee is attached to ME! The baby was not by that time. And really the baby always had a lap full of other things it had pulled off the shelf so one more was just one too many!

Now it just occurred to me that I had enough sense back then to leave my own kids with their dad when I went to the store. It was the grandkids I took with me. And there are different rules for the grands. You can spoil them rotten and send them home with the parents! Since my youngest one is 18 now — I think, I had forgotten that part. Just remembered the fussing and crying if they had to put something back.

Wow, a good samaritan just brought me a burger and fries so I think I’ll be occupied with putting those to some good use for a little while. Talk to ya later cause right now I’m going to show the cow that burger came from just how cows should be treated. I can say that because I used to chase the beasts all over the country when they broke through the fence on the farm.