Lessons learned in the past eight days! Take my time when standing up. Call 911 as soon as you fall because it only hurts worse the longer you wait. When the EMT’s and Fire personnel arrive feast your eyes when they all turn out to be very good looking.

Monday morning of last week I stood up and turned around a bit too fast and down I went. If only I could always take my son’s advice and hit my head I might have been okay, but naturally my feet slid into a pile of stuff I had been sorting through and I knew immediately something was not right. My nurse was coming so I knew the door had to be unlocked for her but walking wasn’t an option, so I scooted to the door, a very long way to scoot! Ya know what they focused on at the ER? My butt! Sure, it was kinda red from scooting on it, but for heaven’s sake, my ankle was the size of my waist, and I have a very sizable waist now.

Hooray! I made it through the night with all parts intact. PT just left a few minutes ago and advised me the next time I got bored I should just call and talk to them instead of falling. What a concept! Come to think of it, my Aunt told me the same thing earlier. I do have a hard head, but that does sound like a much less painful idea than trying to pirouette on my two left feet. I’ve tried to convince people that I’m actually very graceful with no success at all. But! I got to show the PT how well (?) I could maneuver the knee walker. He must have seen something funny out the window because he just kept laughing at me. It could have been my 28 point turns or possibly the parallel parking routine. Now who uses parallel parking any more when it’s so easy to just drive into a spot. I’ve circled parking lots for hours waiting for a spot, not lately of course, but when I still drove a car. Now I just weave my way around people looking for a place within a mile of the store and drive right into the front door.

He insisted that I sit back in my lift chair so he could witness the dismount. I made it okay — at least in my opinion. Left foot never touched the floor, right hand on the arm of the chair while left one was moving my sewing stuff off the cushion, a kind of flop to the seat. Like I have said, I’m not a graceful swan, but I made it intact without ever touching the floor with the left foot. Now I’m trying to convince my bony left knee to give it up and stop trying to complain. Guess I’ll have to make a cushion for it but that seems so much like spoiling a crying baby who didn’t get the toy he kept pulling off the shelf in the toy store. I wouldn’t do that for the baby so why spoil the knee? Oh, of course! The knee is attached to ME! The baby was not by that time. And really the baby always had a lap full of other things it had pulled off the shelf so one more was just one too many!

Now it just occurred to me that I had enough sense back then to leave my own kids with their dad when I went to the store. It was the grandkids I took with me. And there are different rules for the grands. You can spoil them rotten and send them home with the parents! Since my youngest one is 18 now — I think, I had forgotten that part. Just remembered the fussing and crying if they had to put something back.

Wow, a good samaritan just brought me a burger and fries so I think I’ll be occupied with putting those to some good use for a little while. Talk to ya later cause right now I’m going to show the cow that burger came from just how cows should be treated. I can say that because I used to chase the beasts all over the country when they broke through the fence on the farm.




  1. Dear Angie, I’m not sure those were lessons for the last 8 days. I thought that was as lesson well learned when you broke your hip after entangling your feet before. It should have sunk well in by now. No use you even considering Mike’s advice and hitting your head ifit doesn’t knock the sense back in. Why do you have to always sort stuff by dumping it at your feet thus creating barriers no horse would want to jump. And as for scooting to the door, why not have a little key safe mounted somewhere safe outside which Mike, a variety of doctors, your Occupational therapist, the ambulance service, local firemen and maybe even a trusted neighbour can have the code to. Then they can let themselves in to treat you without you scooping. I have one so that no-one ever has to break the door down and leave my treasures exposed.

    Well done on making it safely through another night. Your PT has the right idea about you calling for a chat instead of getting his attention your usual way. I think you’ve kept him in work for years. Sounds like your Aunt still has all her marbles intact given her advice. And it certainly would be preferable to trying out these new dance routines that will never reach the stage. I’m sure you kept the PT entertained with your very careful maneuvering which you’d never do in real life. You’d be like a bull (on speed) in a china shop the first time your doorbell rang.

    Watching the dismount must have been fun and probably an education for the PT with hands grasping for things on the seatt while you actually sat instead of moving them first. A cushion for the knee sounds sensible. Try not to think of it as giving in to a child having a tantrum but instead as buying the toy in order to preserve your sanity. Screaming children can be such a distraction I’m told. I count myself lucky that I never had to face that with Yvonne. Presumably because my scowl would have scared her half to death. You know they say looks can kill, well it’s true. I have the eyes of a Gorgon.

    Yes, there are many benefits to shopping alone when you have children still at home which obviously don’t apply to grandchildren who at the end of the day are their parents responsibility. It’s fun trying to see our children trying to overcome a problem we’ve created to test their ingenuity.

    That’s really strange but my good samaritan next door neighbour turned up this afternoon and woke me with a bowl of stew for my tea. He’s never done anything like that before. I was actually dreading iit because it looked like it contained sprouts but they turned out to be mushrooms. I can’t recall ever having a pork based stew before but I have to say it was delicious and I enjoyed every mouthful. I hope you enjoyed your burger half as much.

    I’m still in personal lockdown with the Black Dog and keeping everyone at arms length as well as refusing to go out much though at the weekend Mike doesn’t take no for an answer reminding me I have to eat when he’s not there and therefore have to shop.

    Humongous Hugs Kentucky Lady.

    On Wed, Dec 1, 2021 at 8:37 PM KYAngel’s Reflections On Life wrote:

    > kentuckyangel24 posted: ” Lessons learned in the past eight days! Take my > time when standing up. Call 911 as soon as you fall because it only hurts > worse the longer you wait. When the EMT’s and Fire personnel arrive feast > your eyes when they all turn out to be very good look” >

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    1. That idea might work but the wonderful manager doesn’t allow anything of that type outside the door even if it is attached to the door. A lot of us are wondering if she is trying to get the building shut down, but if that’s her goal she has forgotten she won’t have a paycheck without us around to pay our rent from whence it comes. Very short sighted on her part.

      I might have to rethink my decision to sit here and put my huge pile of junk mail through the shredder, Not being able to put weight on the left foot and ankle at the moment is a real pain in the butt. Just no other way to get them out of the place though with so many dumpster divers living here. Half of them look as if they gave police records and the other half are druggies so nothing sent out in the garbage is safe from them searching for anything to support their habits.

      You take care of yourself. And please don’t feel that you should try to imitate me. It really isn’t that much fun compared to other things.

      Humongous hugs!

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  2. I’m so very sorry to hear of your latest troubles, but I’m glad to see that you haven’t lost your sense of humour, your ability to laugh at yourself! I’ll answer your previous comment in an email tonight or tomorrow, for the sake of privacy! Take care, dear friend! Love ‘n hugs! ❤️

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    1. Sounds good to me. As far as my sense of humor goes, it takes a beating at times but I usually manage to find it, apply a bandaid and keep on keeping on. The alternative (having a good cry) always gives me a headache. Love ya girl!


  3. Oh Angie…. I leave you alone for six months and you are off again slipping and sliding… At least this time its not a needle in your foot…

    So sorry to hear Angie you have been in the wars again…. I do hope your ankle is soon healed along with your bruises… So good again to hear from you…
    I must now remember to turn back on my alerts again to my email.. As I disconnected from everything for a while…

    Your site is looking good too…
    Sending lots of love dear Angie and healing vibes for your speedy recovery.. ❤ ❤
    Sue x

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    1. I think I’m still trying to see if I bounce Sue. One of these days I’ll admit I will never be able to bounce and stop trying, especially since I don’t have a tail like Tigger. At the moment I’m trying to figure out how to shift most of my tummy fat to my bottom to at least make scooting easier on that area! I’m considering wrapping myself in bubble wrap for the duration.
      Many hugs! ((())) ❤


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