January Already With Roses In December

One of my favorite photos is this one, taken in Mid-December next to a garage that provided some shelter from the cold.  Wish I could remember the year, but it was late in the last century.  Imagine being able to say that!  I never thought I would live this long, but the idea of living until another century absolutely never crossed my mind.

I sometimes wish we were still in the twentieth century, especially with all of the problems we are now living through.  Who would ever have thought of something like COVID back then?  Sure, we were just getting some therapies for treating AIDS, but that one was spread by bodily fluids.  Much more easily avoided than air-borne diseases.  After all, we all breathe the air.

I’m kinda in a depressed mood lately.  I fell the Monday before Thanksgiving and broke my left ankle on both sides.  It’s not healing as well as I had hoped but it is healing.  I think I use a bottle of lotion each day because of the itching caused by the boot I’m wearing, but it just seems to get worse each time.  At least I haven’t gone in with a knitting needle this time.  Learned the danger involved with that method when I broke a foot about 25 years ago.  

I am using a knee walker around the apartment most of the time.  The left knee on the walker and pushing off with the right leg.  It works out okay, but sure does get tiring at times.  It makes me remember the old scooters we had when I was a kid.  One foot on the scooter while pushing it around with the other one.  I don’t think any of us ever got tired back then, but that was a year or two ago.  I was younger then.  But like everything else, it could be a lot worse.  Makes me wonder what the next 21 years will be like.  I intend to live to be 100 so that gives me another 21 years.  I just hope the next 21 will not be as bad as the last two have been.

I’m fortunate that most of my hobbies, while making messes of some type, don’t require me to be on my feet much.  MS can be thanked for that.  But again the power chair takes up a lot of space and can be rather destructive at times.  I drive into rooms and back it out of them, hoping I don’t do anything really bad during each maneuver.  BUT, oh yeah, but – – a few days ago I felt the wheels going over something that was behind me.  Had to go over it all before I could see my four bananas squashed all over the carpet!  Let me tell you, it’s not easy to sweep fresh bananas up and even worse trying to get them into the dust pan.  I think I’ll have a wide white streak down the middle of the room for quite some time before I can use the shampooer to clean it all up.  And then there are the remnants of my chicken dinner that I dropped just before reaching the table.  Mashed potatoes and gravy are almost as bad as bananas.  I haven’t had the nerve to try to move soup across the room even though my son brought me some wonderfully smelling home made vegetable beef soup and some potato soup.  I ate those at the kitchen counter while propped against the refrigerator and praying hard that I wouldn’t fall again.  So many things I’ll never take for granted again.

I have been making doll clothes.  Some by hand and some by mach ine now that Mike pulled the machine out for me.  Maybe I can find some of those photos to post here, but no promises.

Well, that is my last two months of 2021 in review.  Here’s hoping 2022 will be kinder to us all.

Just a few of the doll clothes I’ve made these past couple of years. I’ll try to get some of the Barbie photos moved over to the computer later.


20 thoughts on “January Already With Roses In December”

  1. Angela, I use CeraVe Itch Relief Moisturizing Cream – it works like a dream!! Makes the itch stop for about 8 hours and makes the skin soft! It is a little pricey but is worth every penny!!

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  2. Sorry to hear your foot is taking its time in Healing Angie… Sorry I have not been in WP that much myself in recent months or weeks… So A belated Happy New Year to you..
    Love your creations of the Dolls clothes Angie… One good thing about crafts it keeps our minds occupied…
    Sending love and Healing thoughts your way Angie.. And I hope you are soon more mobile with less itching…
    Love Sue ❤

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    1. Things are looking up now, Sue. I can now take the boot off and put pressure on the foot for short times. Of course I forget how much time I’m doing things because the apartment looks too much like a pig pen at the moment, so naturally I spent too much time trying to clean and ignored the pain that was shooting up my leg. After two days of sitting more and using the power chair though I am feeling better and using the foot again, but briefly this time.
      I don’t spend much time on the computer at all lately, just checking the email a few times each week to read about the latest news from family. The doll clothes keep me occupied and give me some dream time as well. Hand sewing most of them is so relaxing, and when I start looking forward to the next outfit there is always the joy of finding the next pattern and looking through my fabric.
      Happy New Year to you also, Sue. Let’s hope for a much better one and dream our dreams as if it has already happened.
      Much love and hugs from Angie!


      1. That’s exactly how we have to be Angie, focused in on our dreams not on fears..
        Again so loved your dolls… take care of yourself.. and who cares about a bit of dust here and there.. just nurture yourself and heal..
        Love and hugs Sue x 💖

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      2. If only it was a little dust! Unfortunately it is also almost every meal I’ve tried to eat since I came home! Mashed potatoes, green beans, bananas — all squashed into the carpet under the wheels of the power chair. Dreaming and sewing keep me from looking down. ❤ ❤ ❤


  3. Things are looking up in that department. There is a man in the building who helps people out and he came in and worked some magic on it all. sure looks better and is so much easier to look down now. Walking a bit more every day with my walker.


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