Title Five

Second attempt at writing this. The first attempt is floating around somewhere in space — possibly some of the space in my head, but I will swear I never said that! I suppose having it written here could be a deal breaker, but ya just never know. I do know one of my kids would never let me live it down. Actually both of the boys and at least two of my brothers.

I don’t remember what the lost post was about, but then I’m not sure what my name is at the moment. Actually I’m never sure what my name is, but the worst is when I’m trying to call my kids by their names. It always upset me when my Mom would call me by her sisters names before finally getting to mine. Well, it now seems that I have completely turned into my mother. Maybe not completely, but when it comes to my daughter I sometimes use both sisters names before remembering hers.

On that same note, I’ve been noticing lately that I begin a sentence and right in the middle of it just completely forget what I’m talking about. I couldn’t be getting that old even when I look in a mirror and notice the lines and wrinkles on the face of the old woman looking back at me. Nah! couldn’t be me. I’m forever 25. Of course I have to add shipping and handling to that and S n H charges have increased at an alarming rate over the years.

Whew! almost lost this one too. I’m getting faster at times in not hitting the wrong thing that sends my words into oblivion, but there are still the moments! I really hate those moments when I notice it has all turned blue just a nano-second before it disappears. Big sigh! I’ve also deleted other things on other sites, so at least it isn’t discriminating against any particular application.

And at the moment I seem to be sticking myself with a pin that is stuck in a seam of one of the doll dresses I’m doing the finishing handwork on. I think that means I should cut my losses and send this one on out while I still have the chance. Bye for now.