I’ve been thinking a lot about the past while writing about those “Good Old Days” out on Highway 81, Last Christmas my daughter gave me a series of questions to write a new chapter each Monday, although I have to admit there are some weeks lately that the each Monday is becoming “maybe tomorrow”. It’s rough having to admit I’m forgetting a lot of those old stories and I’m trying to get the chapters written before they are gone forever.

So today I managed to write another chapter in my book of life. This is about the gift I always wanted but never received, Very easy. I always wanted someone to make a quilt for me. I’ve made them for everyone in my extended family and while they have made some for other family members no one has ever made one for me. But a couple of hours later I remembered the quilts my Mother made for my sisters and me and kept them in large bags in her closet. We found them the day before her funeral, It was easy to tell which was for who. After the funeral my grandkids came to visit me and I ended up giving them the quilts so they wouldn’t forget their great-grandmother.

I might have mentioned the fact that I’m in the process of making quilt tops to use up my stash of fabric before I move. My kids will store the tops for me and bring them as needed for me to quilt. I love the quilting part best. Cutting out all those pieces is a pain most of the time, and then sewing the little pieces back together again is a definite pain in the derriere. But I’m close to finishing the third quilt for my own great-grandson who will be born in late September.

4 thoughts on “Memories”

  1. I wondered where you had disappeared to – so good to see a post! I have a quilt from my great grand mother (red and white) and one from my grandmother in lavender/purple/white. I used to have the purple one on my bed when I was young but put it away once I got to my teen years. I still have them. Sparky has one from his grandmother but he only used it in college. She used old clothes when she made it so most of the pieces are polyester, acrylic, nylon, and even wool. It is not a soft quilt – I suppose she was going for “masculine” when she made it so it is all dark colors. I never wanted to do quilting but my sister did and made a couple quilts with matching curtains and pillow shams… I love the idea of all the people in your family having a quilt made especially for them! Hope you are well and can keep posting!!

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    1. Thanks for that! I almost had the last quilt my paternal grandmother (Mom Goetz) made but my sister found it while I was at work and got it first. Sneaky brat! That’s okay though because she loves quilts as much as I do. I’ve used a lot of fabrics in my quilts, mostly left over from the clothes I made for family and friends. Always bought a little extra to make sure I never ran out of quilt pieces. Double knit was good for heavy ones we needed in the old farm house. It was a pre Civil war house and very little heat and if I wasn’t allergic to wool I would have used that! I still make them all sizes and all weights. The first ones took a year to finish because I did more elaborate quilting but now I’m using less quilting so I’ve made about two dozen tops already this year and quilted four or five or them.


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