Say What?

I lost another day over the weekend. I’m not sure what happened to it or why it was lost, but it was probably just a case of forgetting how to read a calendar. When I woke up Sunday morning I was so upset because it was 9:30 and I had slept through something I had planned for several days to do. My solution was to fall asleep again.

While fumbling through the daylight streaming through my window I found what I was looking for as well as some things I had forgotten I ever lost. So I kicked back and took another nap.

The next awakening was when I caught the phone on its way out. It was probably trying to find refuge with the TV remote that has been missing since January. It’s been getting me back by hiding the batteries I know I have somewhere. New pack of 20. Or maybe more than that. Had lost count the last time I checked the packages. Just remember it was somewhere around the number of how many fingers and toes I have. One less? or one more?

Movin’ on. Put my trash outside the door for pickup. Took a few more stitches on the quilt I’m making for the soon to be born great-grandson. Opened the door to bring the container back in. Hmm, after 10:00 pm and hadn’t been picked up yet. Another calendar check. Oops! No mark on Saturday but Sunday had been marked off. Time for bed and a second chance at living Sunday over again.


9 thoughts on “Say What?”

    1. Isn’t it weird when you realize it though? I mark the days off on my calendar just to keep from making that mistake and still marked the wrong day off. Nice to know that I could still do what I had planned for Sunday though.


  1. Good to see you haven’t lost your sense of humor!! Our remote is kept in the coffee table drawer – some how it has managed to reproduce! We have one TV and now there are 3 remotes. It is a mystery!

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  2. I was losing so many days and forgetting drugs that Mike bought me a clock usually bought for dementia sufferers. Not only does it tell the time, it specifies Am or Pm (easier to confuse than you’d think) it also has the date and the day of the week.I was offended but how useful it is.

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    1. I even mark the days off on a calendar but just thought I had forgotten to mark that one off. Second time I’ve done that, but at least the time before was a couple of years ago. No way to forget this week — baby shower today for my first great-grandson.


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