Times They Do Change

It’s been a few weeks since my last post and so much is happening. Some good, some bad, mostly indifferent to anything at all.

My family — or rather part of my family came in for the October birthday season, my sister MEG’s on the 16th and my Aunt MBW’s on the 17th. Tomorrow is my older brothers 80th birthday which makes me feel older that Kentucky dirt, but at least the more he teases me about my age on my own birthday, he is still 14 months older! Probably a bit of Indiana dirt thrown in there, but don’t tell him that! The truth is that my dad’s family are from Indiana but Mom and Pop, my paternal grandparents had the good sense to relocate to Kentucky in the early part of the 20th century.

Believe it or not it is almost one year since I wrote the first two paragraphs and what a year it has been! A little over a week ago I moved from the building I had lived in for 22 years into an assisted living place located on the banks of the Ohio River. I’ve always loved the river and now it’s my back yard. I’ve driven my power chair down to the boat dock, right where the land meets the water! Close enough to wave at the men working on the barge heading to the Mississippi and ultimately to New Orleans. Once upon a time I thought about joining the crew as a cook and spending time floating with them. Reality set in before I did something rash though and I knew it wasn’t really an option due to my motion sickness so that idea was shelved before I tried it.

I’ve had to do a lot of adjusting to this new situation and it’s still taking a bit of time. Since I now have only one room I had to give a lot of my life away and leave my old friends behind but I’m finding a lot of new friends here. The Staff people are mostly great with very few exceptions and I’ve been meeting so many people who are quickly becoming friends! I’ve drag raced my power chair with a new person who has a chair like mine, and I’ve already put a few dents in the wall while trying to get a door open! So I think I have left my mark on this place already! All in all I like it here. More to come later. Right now I’m going to have my hair done!