Too Early To Think

It’s somewhere around 6 am now and I’m still trying to get used to the schedule in my new assisted living home! Still not sleeping at night but now, instead of lying in bed and napping someone gets me up to go to the med room and stick my finger to check my blood sugar. This morning it’s 115, not bad after the chocolate covered mints I munched on during the night! Usually it stays in the lower 90’s, but I’ve mended some of my ways when it comes to eating candy all night. At this advanced age of nearing 80 I’m finally learning a bit of self control!

Breakfast is around 7am, meaning anywhere from 7 to 7:30’and I have to get there soon or someone else will stick their head in my door and remind me to go to the dining room. I like it here but do miss the independence I had before. Of course I’ve been here less than 2 weeks and getting adjusted takes more time than that! I’m trying to remember the names of my new neighbors but since there are so many holes in my head it’s difficult. Most of them remember my name but they only have one to remember while I have 50! Shucks! Some days I don’t remember my own name so how can I remember that many?

My son and daughter in love brought me a new lift chair yesterday, a bit different from the one I had before. Roomier, so I can build my nest better than before, but they haven’t brought my sheets, pillowcases, or quilts yet so I’m using the facilities bedding for now! I want my own things but I don’t say it because they are trying to figure out what I want next without asking me! Since I don’t know myself most of the time it makes it difficult! Each of them took different things to store and no one wrote it down we are all guessing who to call for what! And to think, I once thought old age was less complicated! How did I ever get this old without having someone telling me what to do all day?

it’s not all that bad though. Most of my time is my own and I have no real work to do. But the problem is that I have no real work to do! That makes very long days!

Did you miss me? Got summoned for breakfast and then started visiting a friend and lost track of the time. She is newer than I by three days and told me she had some squash relish in her room. After a short discussion we decided to go to her room and sample it and talked f the morning away! And now I want to sleep for the rest of the day and lunch is in an hour! Just might skip that and order a pizza!

Off to dreamland for now!


8 thoughts on “Too Early To Think”

  1. Angie, when my mom moved she was so frustrated because she wanted specific items and we were all bringing things we thought she needed… She finally spoke up and that made it easier on everyone! We could focus on finding the needed/wanted things instead of just guessing!! I hope you tell them what you want so they can make it a priority!

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    1. They are finally asking me what I want next! None of them remember who has what so I am leaving it to them to figure out how they will get it to me. Too many helping hands are really not very helpful! Now I’m telling them what I want next while deciding what will fit the available space. It didn’t help that a few neighbors were coming in to ask for anything I wasn’t going to keep!

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  2. I do hope you get your laptop … and anything else you’re most missing … SOON!!! You’re a better woman than I … I would have left the place and taken off on foot to find my laptop by now! I do hope this is a very temporary situation, but I admire you for making the best of it! Love you, my friend.

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  3. ARRRRGGGGHHHH!!! I might take off yet! The Kindle isn’t doing much for my peace of mind! I’m using a smzll bluetooth keyboard that came with it and between the two of them I think Im going nuts!!! Or maybe I was already nuts and now I’m going sane! Terrible thought, My fault for trusting the laptop to one of the kids! Should have known better from experience! Hopefully it will turn up in one f the deliveries soon. I might have to curtail my internet use for a while though, And I haven’t received any mail since I got here so I might have to call the mis-manager and remind her that interfearing with mail delivery is a crime.


    1. I just found this comment, Colleen. I’m missing a lot of things lately, including the last half of my remaining brain cell! I’m not sure if I miss it or not, but it sure is a good way to explain things that could otherwise appear to be rudeness. At least I’m a bit more adjusted now.

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