Monday Morning Two Weeks Later

Today marks the beginning of my second — or is it third? week in my new place. It really feels like home now since I have my TV and sewing machine. And I’ve found another quilter here as well! We do have a way to find each other!

One of the nurses, kinda hard to get along with at first asked me what I was making and I told her it was a doll dress. Then she asked if that was the only thing I make and when I told her I also make quilts she was excited, telling me she was a quilter too. She came back several times during the day to talk quilts, telling me we are the only ones here who quilt. We are going to try to get some others interested enough to take a class we want to start!

I spent some time in the gazebo watching a barge go by on its way to the Mississippi river and all of the possible points of call on that way South. Took a few photos so let’s see if I can put one in here.

Nope! Using my phone and it just isn’t happening! It’s possible none of this will happen because I’m not having a lot of success answering comments without the laptop. WP keeps asking me if I am Angela. They just won’t let me in to some people but give no objections to others. Kinda makes me wonder what is going on!

Ohio River from my backyard

Yay! I figured it out! . And found a photo with the barge in it! This is gonna be a good day!


14 thoughts on “Monday Morning Two Weeks Later”

  1. Lovely view you have and so pleased you have found another Quilter .. The idea of starting a quilting class sounds a great one.. I would think you have tons of expert advice to share Angie…
    Sending love and well wishes and no worries about answering here if you are experiencing problems… To know you are okay is enough..
    Much love your way ❤

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  2. Well, here I am – another quilter, though not a very good. I spent Two afternoons a week in the hospice – quilting. A man among a multitude of women – wow, I learned so much. And we all spoke French the whole time!!! Glad to see you are settling in. Send me an e-mail and we’ll keep in touch. I’ll send you an e-copy of Septets for the End of Time!!!!

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    1. I’ve lost all of my email addy’s! They were all in the laptop and I’m not sure where my laptop is since the move. Just Know it isn’t here! Too many helpers while I was moving and my stuff is in 3 locations across the state.
      I have heard that there are a lot of men who quilt but you are the only one I know. If you ever come to Owensboro you can join our little circle. At least I hope some of the people want to learn!
      I’m not very good now with vision and joints failing me, but I still enjoy the peaceful feeling it gives me.

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    1. It’s a good place to be, Colleen! The only thing I have problems with is the wasted hours waiting in line for everything. . I’m used to working on something when I am resting and I keep thinking about how much I could be doing during that time! ¡I need to learn how to be patient and enjoy the quiet times.

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