Laptop Working — Almost

Alleluia!  Today I received a new laptop.  The old one is not working so my friend sent me a Dell that he already had.  I’m in the process of setting it up and trying to find my old apps.  The one I’m really trying to find the most is Picasa 3, my photo editing app.  I don’t know why Google decided to 86 that one but that was the second one they took away since I first began using a computer.  Why do these people continue to fix things that were never broken?  And for that matter, why don’t they try fixing some of the broken things?  

Now to see if my photos made the switch with me today.  I’ll know soon because I’m going to try to find them.

How about that!  Here they are, including a couple of new ones!  I think I’m back in business.  Just have to find a few more things, especially Picasa, probably not going to happen, but at least I can give it a try.

I got my room almost the way I want it by moving the furniture last Saturday.  And I paid for that Saturday night when places I didn’t know I had were hurting.  I have a feeling that means I shouldn’t try moving furniture in the future.  That’s okay — everything is almost where I want it to be.  Just a stack of sewing things waiting for their new home, if I can find them a new home!  Someday it is sure to turn up and when it does I’ll be ready for it. 

It has been downright cold here during morning and evening hours with the breeze blowing in off the river but that is still one of my favorite places to be.  I still can’t believe it is just out the back door and across the grass from where I am sitting right now.  I’ve driven down to the river most of my life and tried to find a parking place so I could sit and watch the boats floating past but now I can watch them all day and into the night without leaving home.  Just have to be sure I’m inside by the time the doors are locked at 9:00 p,m.  I don’t think I would enjoy the river much if I ever got locked out and had to spend the night in the gazebo.  Not a very good thought there.

Lots  more to do today, including setting this laptop up with everything I want.  Of course, that means Picasa!  I’ll leave with a last photo of my favorite place!



5 thoughts on “Laptop Working — Almost”

    1. Thank you. The chances of being locked out have diminished considerably with the dropping temperature here at night. It’s just plumb cold now. Not complaining though — I prefer the cold to the heat we had all summer.


  1. Oh, I am SO glad you finally have a laptop again! And I fully agree with you … if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! They ‘upgrade’ things and most often I find the “new and improved” version is far inferior to the last one! That’s especially true with such things as cell phones, computer programs, and WordPress!

    The photos are great! And it’s been chilly here, too … quite a switch from a week or two ago when the temps were in the 90s!

    Enjoy the laptop and take care, my friend … no more furniture moving for at least a few days! Love ‘n hugs!

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    1. New beef! I had a nice reply half finished when the entire thing went away. Now I want to scream but if I do that there will be several nurses in here doing all kinds of things except asking me what’s wrong! Just consider me screaming silently here and it will work out. Or, you could scream for me. I don’t think there are any nurses in your home?

      I’m loving the laptop and even found Picasa and it is now in place and working out well. Just one more thing to add and I’m not too thrilled about that. The printer is setting there waiting to be hooked up. Not much fun waiting for me there. It can get stubborn when it omes to hookups. But I do need it soon. Have to get some paper though. Not sure where my new reams of paper ended up but the printer is here and the paper is not. Serious problem there. Could be much worse though.

      As for my phone– it’s going to end up at the bottom of the river some day soon. I’ll build a fire out back and learn smoke signals!

      You take care as well. I’m just trying to stay under the radar.

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      1. Well, daughter Chris is a nurse, but since she’s at work right now, I did SCREAM for you! And granddaughter Natasha looked at me as if I had two heads, since I was smiling while screaming!

        I’m so glad you found your Picasa, but sorry about the printer! Long ago I said that I could take a computer apart and re-build it, but printers are my nemesis … such picky little things they are! Perhaps one of your kids will come visit soon and get it hooked up for you. And bring some paper, as well. 😊

        I hear you about the phone! I’ve threatened the same many a time. I’ll keep an eye out for your smoke signals! Guess I better brush up on my smoke signal reading, eh?

        Under the radar is good … less hassle that way … but sometimes it’s just not possible. Hugs!

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