Yesterday Again

I tried to write this one yesterday but it got lost somewhere in the cosmos — or maybe in the dark cloud that was surrounding me all day. So here’s attempt number two!

Gee, I would try to repeat some of the things I wrote but my mind just went blank. Sure wish I could say that’s a first but, well, I think it’s blank more often than it has something on it — my mind, that is. Must be that missing link where my brain cells once were placed. Just a huge white area now thanks to the advancing MS that is taking over. Not that it was ever all that great, but I kinda miss it anyway.

I can hear some activity in the hall now ….

Okay, that’s all that is left of the post I tried to send out early this morning. Tried for over an hour to get it sent but my computer and WP seemed to be working together to prevent it. It took several hours to find the draft that was being saved and then it was only half of the original post. So naturally I don’t remember anything that was on here after the activity in the hall.

It’s late afternoon now and I’ve lost about three hours just waiting. Once I was a very patient person but now? One month here, playing the waiting game for three to four hours every day when there are so many other things I would rather be doing? I’m quickly becoming a very impatient person.

I really shouldn’t complain. This place is much better than the other one. My laundry is being done for me now and I mean at this moment someone else is doing it! She will bring it back folded and on hangers and put it all away. Maybe that’s part of what bothers me. Sometimes I’m just too independent for my own good. Pampered, nothing I have to do unless I want to, meals cooked and served to me, room cleaned for me, and someone always available to check and make sure I’m not on the floor with another broken bone. What more could I want! Maybe I’m luckier than some of the others when I stop to think about it. I have my sewing machine, my TV (even though the reception stinks most of the time), my laptop restored, my printer working, something to do at all times —- except those hours wasted while waiting for meds, poking my finger for the blood sugar test, sitting at the table waiting to be served…..

And there i go again, complaining about something! I’ll just have to get over it and learn to be patient again. And I guess learn to let others take on my work now. I think I could never live a life with servants doing all the work! Of course that probably means I wouldn’t be very happy if I ever got rich. But then, maybe I could learn how to enjoy not having to worry about money and the real possibility of another injury or something that would put me in the hospital again. Not sure why I even think about that. No possibility of ever being wealthy. No rich uncles — actually no uncles at all still living. I guess it’s just the mood I’m in and the fact that tomorrow is October. I love the weather and the trees turning and things like that, but there is still October 9 to get through. Maybe this year it will be different.

A barge on the Ohio River on the way to who knows where. KODAK Digital Still Camera

2 thoughts on “Yesterday Again”

  1. My In-Laws are contemplating a move to assisted living. I’m pretty sure it will be a huge adjustment for my MIL since she is a doer. She has been waiting on my FIL and deserves to sit down and let someone else take over the cooking and cleaning and laundry!! I think she’ll be able to fill her time with the puzzles and her favorite TV shows and all the movies she never has time to watch!!

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    1. I have a lot of things I want to be doing but just as I get started it’s time for something that will intrude on my personal time. Most of the assisted living homes come to you with meds and the meals are on time every day. Not so here. We have to go to them and they are deliberately understaffed with only one nurse on duty each shift. We have to go to the med room and when the line is long and she has to constantly run from one side to the other it takes up to an hour of waiting in line. You either be first in the line and wait for her to open te door, or you are somewhere in the line waiting for it to move. This is not good for anyone. The nurses are overworked and we are just biding time until released from the line. Not sure what goes on in the kitchen, but I’ve been here for a month now and the meals are never served at the time we have to be sitting at the table. The TV is on antenna and each time I try to watch something it loses the signal in the middle of the show. But I want to stress the fact that this is NOT the way it is in all assisted living facilities! My name remains on the list of one of the best places around here, and when I get the call that a room is available there I;ll be out the door and on my way over!


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