Back Again!

It’s been a few months since my last post. My laptop broke down and I am just now getting it back. I tried a few times to write using my Kindle, but it was just too difficult to continue. Now I’m back with the Dell, once again operational, once again giving me keyboard fits. My fingers just don’t want to go in the right places after using a stylus to pick letters out one by one. So far, so good.

A lot of things have happened in the past few months/weeks/days. I have a new great-grandson. I know I’ve tried to write about this, but not sure if it ever got posted.

Asher Blake was born a bit over two months ago with some severe problems. He was immediately put on 100% oxygen and sent to Norton’s Hospital in Louisville. He remained there for over a month with Grandpa Mike sending us updates each day. God is good! Asher has recovered from the condition that caused the death of Mike’s baby sister in 1970. The doctors at Norton’s knew what to do and Asher has been home a month, thriving and growing like a weed.

My youngest brother had triple bypass surgery the day after Thanksgiving. He came home the following Wednesday and is doing so well. I truly believe in miracles!

As for myself, I’ve watched a few boats on the river and wanted to sneak aboard and go with them when they left after a day and night docked next to my back yard. I’ve decorated a styrofoam pumpkin for Halloween, added a turkey to it for Thanksgiving, and now decorated a small tree for Christmas. Big deal, huh?

I told you earlier I am now in an assisted living facility. I’m ready now to break out of here and get my life back, at least what passed as my life. This place — well, not much I can say about it. I went to boarding school when I was 15 and had more freedom there with the good sisters than I now have here at 80 years of age. I might have to revert to acting like a two year old to fit in and get through this ordeal. I can’t speak about all assisted living places, but this one is horrible. So, I’m back to looking for a new place to live where I can be myself again. I just hope I can remember who I once was!


8 thoughts on “Back Again!”

  1. Oh no! I suppose many of the Assisted Living places are geared toward those with impaired mental capacity thus they tend to treat the residents like children… Understandable but nevertheless very annoying!! I’m glad you have your laptop back and are able to post – Hope you can find a place that suits you better!

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    1. Thanks for that. I sometimes feel as if I’m in Kindergarten, but since I never went to Kindergarten I don’t know exactly how I’M supposed to act. I do have my sewing machine as well, and am making quilts for the local foster children’s home, while at the same time trying to convince a dozen people here that I can’t make quilts for them as well unless they buy the fabric for it themselves. One of the nurses is supplying the fabric for the ones I’m making so all I do is make them. Just can’t get one of these women to understand that I have bills to pay and not enough money for those, so she will have to pay for anything I would make for her. Aaarrgghhh!


    1. Thank you, Keith. I’ve missed a lot while fighting with insurance companies over this laptop, but it seems to be doing okay now. Sometimes I wish I could go back to basics, but then I would miss getting to know a lot of wonderful people!


  2. Like any living environment, you have to find the one that is right for you. I hope you find the perfect place Angie. I’m sorry to hear of the disappointment. But, I am happy to hear of all the blessings you shared!!!

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    1. Thanks Colleen. I found out recently that I am getting close to the place I wanted to go in the first place. My aunt lives there and it is assisted living, but for seniors only. They are treated like adults, the food sure beats the corn dogs and pop tarts they serve so often here. Just keeping my fingers crossed and my time filled with the quilting while I wait for it to happen. At least now I have my laptop back as well as the sewing machine so I am happier with all of that.

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