No U-Hauls

I published this a few years ago under the “Queen Lears Gems site, used a few times. Just found it again and decided to move it over here!

Gems From Queen Lear

There’s a world full of things

I just know that I need,

And just can’t be happy until I get them!

So I sit myself down and I think and I stew

And just have to own this “stuff”

So, out I go and buy on a whim.

Then I sit and I worry that my stuff won’t be safe,

Possession turns fast into curse!

But someone once said, and I know this is true,

There are no U-Hauls behind a hearse!

So I try to divest thru yard sale and Goodwill,

then sit back and enjoy all my space

til I see just the stuff I’ve been needing so long

and once again I fall out of grace!

I heard a priest say something once about U-Hauls behind a hearse and it has stuck in my mind for years, and while looking around my overcrowded apartment this came to…

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3 thoughts on “No U-Hauls”

    1. I’m glad you got some giggles out of it. That was the purpose of writing it. I just couldn’t get that phrase out of my mind, and since I had just returned from a shopping trip and looked around the room wondering why I even bought some of the “stuff”, it seemed like the right time to write itl I think I have one more that I will reblog that is even better than this one. I wrote it to show a friend that I was working with on an AIDS program about 30 years ago. In fact, I think I’ll go there now and do that. If I can still find it! Thanks for the comment. XOXO

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