I wrote this a few years ago, or maybe more than a few, while talking to a friend I was working on some AIDS projects with. He got a few chuckles from it so when I found it again recently I thought it would be fun to put it on the main blog site. I wish I could say I am no longer allergic to things, but having just recovered from a severe sinus infection cause by my allergies I have to admit to still being allergic to everything on the outside of the building. I do still go out and enjoy as much of the outdoors as possible though.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did while writing it, way back in the 1990’s.

Gems From Queen Lear

13263784_280648022270646_3161974070127312137_n I picked the beans today.

You wonder what that has to do with love?

Well, I’ll tell you — I’m allergic, dear!

It was tomatoes yesterday.

And again, you say “so what?”

I’ll tell you again, — I’m allergic, dear!

The pollen count was a billion

But my love was greater than that,

You see, — I’m allergic, dear.

I’ve sneezed my youth away

Trying to prove how much I love you!,

But I’m so allergic, dear.

Now the rash is spreading quickly

And my eyes have turned bright red,

And I still can’t quite convince you that


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7 thoughts on “Love?”

    1. Vic, if you want company in that spaceship just let me know. Here in the Ohio River Valley we seem to have more than our share of allergens, dumped here from the entire world. Something about the air currents and the exact location here. They used to send us to Arizona for the desert air but not I’ve heard that all the people who moved there took the things they were allergic to with them, so there is no place on this planet for people with allergies.

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      1. Having grown up in Louisville, now living in Las Vegas, there difference without difference. The air here has a variety of harmful molds, including RSV. Apparently, warm, dry air facilitates mold.
        There’s a side effect of pollution that I fear is very real and something that no one seems to want to discuss. That is, pollution changes body chemistry and perhaps the pheromes that we emit. That in turn affects to whom youngsters might be sexually attracted. We do know that pheromes are critical to that attraction. In screwing up our world, we screw up ourselves and our kids. In that view, the adults who are complaining about what’s going on are also responsible for it happening. No one wants to consider that.

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      2. I’m not sure anyone wants to admit they just might be doing anything that affects the world around them. Blindspots in every persons view of the world allows them to blame it all on someone else and never see what they are doing themselves. Sometimes I wish I could have a few of those blind spots myself.

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    1. Mine sure seem to be. I noticed a few days ago that my room keeps filling with dust more and more each day. I do my dusting since the facility people don’t seem to know how to use a duster, if indeed they even own one. So much for their advertisement about how they clean each room from top to bottom every day.

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