My New Kentucky Home

This past few days have been busy ones. So productive but so tiring. But I am now living in the place I’ve wanted to be for several years.

I first applied for a room here three years ago and the wait began! The Carmel Home is the most sought after Retirement Home in the area. It takes you from still able to care for yourself to the final day of your life. Run by the Carmelite Sisters, it is the home of retired priests, sisters of other communities, and now me!

I first got the word that my room was available during a visit with my aunt. It’s a small room but perfect for me at this stage of my life. My kids rallied around, helping me pack one day, loading their trucks the next day with most of the things I had out to bring. I say most because there are two vital boxes of things that haven’t arrived yet. Finding them is now my priority since they hold all of the extras to my sewing machine in one and all of the chargers and charge cords for everything in the other.

My daughter came in today to help me put away all that arrived yesterday and I can now get around without fear of tripping over it all. I was amazed at how long it took us to bring some type of order to everything. Okay, the order was to sort through all of the quilt tops and decide where to put them. I found a place for almost all of them, only having to send two home with my daughter for storage. The amazing part is how many quilt tops I have pieced in six months! All that remains now is quilting them, a daunting task now that the sewing machine needles, pressure feet, scissors, and threads are missing. I will manage though. I always have and hopefully always will.


18 thoughts on “My New Kentucky Home”

  1. I am so very happy for you!!! I did a little happy dance upon reading that you are now moved in and semi-settled! I can’t wait to hear more and see pictures, but for tonight I know you must be exhausted, so rest, my friend. Tomorrow is another day! Love you!!! ❤

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    1. I have sent pictures to my daughter to show her how much better things look today compared to yesterday. The room is compact and not much room for anything but I love it. I don’t feel the need to be doing something since there isn’t room to do it. I have a copy of the activities planned for March and it is so full of fun I might have trouble wanting to sit here and make quilts all the time. Pictures will be posted very soon (first I have to rig up a skirt around the sewing table to hide the stuff under it.) I think I need a nap now, but after my 5 a.m. snack!

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      1. I hope you make some great friends there, find some of the activities fun, but most of all that you can just take a deep breath and be you. I’ll be looking forward to the pictures whenever you have the time and energy. Take some time off for Angie!

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    1. Now that almost everything is in place I am sleeping most of the time, waking up to take more naps, eating wonderful food between naps, and generally catching up on my sleep. I am making a quilt to cover myself while napping and sleeping (is there a difference between these?).
      In other words, it is living up to all my expectations. Now tell me if you are relaxing yet? You had better be. Oh, they are checking my B\P several times a day and night, and that seems to wake me up making another nap mandatory. Not sure how long these checks will last but that’s okay. No housework necessary here and I can return to sleep as soon as they get the reading. All is well now, my friend.

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    1. Thank you so much Sue. I am really at home here and with the help of my kids almost everything has been put away with only a few exceptions, but those are against the wall and under my sewing table not quite out of sight but after I make a large covering for the table they will be hidden as well. Now I want about two weeks sleep and by that time I’ll be ready to explore the outside area. If I don’t eat myself into a coma on the great food they have here!

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      1. It’s really wonderful Sue. I am able to eat the food here and so far it’s all delicious. I usually eat in the dining room with my aunt, but they have been bringing dinner tlo me in my room. I still don’t know what time to go down for that and they eat early so it always ends up with them bringing it to me. I’m going to write a followup tonight, so stay tuned for that.

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    1. It’s very compact, Keith, but everything is put away for the moment and I’m loving it. I can see myself being here for the next 50 years, but since I don’t really want to live that long I’ll take 20 years until I’m 100. The way the world is going though I’m not even sure about that many years, but I love it here and can be happy in this place as long as I can keep up with all of the activities they have going on. I’ve been involved with a lot of them before during my visits with my aunt, and hopefully tomorrow I’ll have time to visit her for more than a few minutes. I’m almost settled, ready now for a nice long lovely sleep.


  2. Angie!! I’m so happy for you! This is wonderful news and I’ve got my fingers crossed that the food and the staff are much better (I don’t think they could be worse!) than that other place. Hopefully you will have a room and bathroom of your own!!! I can’t wait to hear more about it…

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    1. It is very compact but I do have a nice clean room and a private half bath, My kids have come in for three days now to help me get things put away and while it is still cluttered around the edges that can be taken care of over time. I feel so much at home here with really delicious food and so many wonderful people around me. I have several relatives here and have already met several other quilters and crafters it is amazing. I think it will take another blog post to tell it all, but for tonight I am ready to sit back and sleep!
      Thank you for all your kindness during this horrible time, but I am truly home now.


    2. Everything is better here. They keep it all nice and clean, even to cleaning the pictures on the walls every day. The old place never dusted anything the entire six months I was there. It had indoor/outdoor carpet that was seldom vacuumed and they insisted on doing my laundry but didn’t make sure to separate it. I did most of it by hand at night, wringing out what I could and hanging it wherever I could find a place to dry. They have machines and dryers here that I can use myself, or they will do it for me when I prefer. Personally I love doing my own laundry, and there are several rooms in the building so we are not all doing it at once in only one room. I’m betting the machines don’t break down and stay that way for months either. It’s like moving out of prison into a mansion.


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