Two Days of Rest Make A New Me

Admittedly I did more on Sunday than I should have, but mostly I slept. Woke up, ate their delicious food, slept. Woke up, rearranged some fabric shelves, slept, woke, ate. No kids to take care of, no waiting in line for anything at all, no pressure to produce anything for anybody, but best of all, NOBODY ASKING ME TO DO MENDING OR MAKE THEM A QUILT AS A CHRISTMAS GIFT! I had never before found so many people basically asking me to spend months of my life and tons of money making things for them as I found in my former residence. In this one I have found several quilters and been invited to see their collections.

Today we had two concerts. I went to both of them. The first one was a sweet man who sang more off-key than on but I loved it. He comes every month and having done that in my own past I could understand the desire to help others in the only way he knew to do it. Everyone who attended his concert applauded loudly for him, a contrast for the ones at the other place who would walk out if it wasn’t great.

The one tonight was Randy Lanham and a group of very talented kids he has been teaching. Randy doesn’t have a big name, but after the plane crash that too the lives of several of Reba Mcintire’s band members Randy joined her new band and toured with her for almost a year. He’s a small town boy though and as much as he liked the audience he came back home before the first year ended and rejoined the band he and his brother had formed, giving concerts in the area rather than going to distant places to entertain. At one time he was director of the Bluegrass Museum, located here in Owensboro. His first love though, is teaching children to play several instruments and stand in front of a microphone and sing their hearts out.

I’m sitting here in my room now at a few minutes after 9 pm, full of the early dinner, a snack at my fingertips if I get hungry, half of my dinner sandwich waiting in my fridge for when I wake up from my next nap, (the first one before dinner, second after the evening concert) trying to compose this blog post, with a quilt I want to finish beside me, and knowing that even though I have not taken a single stitch since I got here my intent is to at least take one stitch tonight just so I can say I’m working on it. I have never had an experience like this in my entire life. I think I can get used to this.

A few of my friends have asked about photos of the new room and I took a few last night. Please bear in mind that some things remain to be done before it is completed, but here they are.

On review it looks like nothing at all has been done, but try to picture all of this stuff covering the floor from the door to the window and maybe you can envision how much better it looks now. And remember. this is a very small room.


5 thoughts on “Two Days of Rest Make A New Me”

  1. It is definitely me. I don’t think anyone else would claim it. I know things will be neater when they have time to hang the pictures and the TV that are on the sewing table. I plan to use up as much of the fabric as I can sew together so I can cut back on the containers that are under the table — maybe cover the table with a tall dust ruffle in the meantime. Just have to get the things that need hanging done and out of the way first. It is all coming together slowly, but I’m managing to get some rest for the first time in years. They have some walking trails here that I want to explore as soon as it is warmer outside. I really do feel at home for the first time in 20 years. It’s a good feeling.


  2. Loved you took us on a virtual tour of your room… And its yours to sort out at your leisure, And it must be so nice not to be at others beck and call. Sleep when you want and do what you want…
    I know you will soon find a place for all of your crafts… Sending Love and Hugs Angie…
    Sue xx

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    1. Thank you, Sue. I”m just kicking back this week and maybe next to rest, while waiting for them to find time to hang my pictures on the walls. So nice to have someone do that for me instead of trying to get them up in the right places on my own. Everything and everyone is wonderful here, cleaned every day, meals brought to me in my room if I don’t feel like going to the dining room, everyone smiling and greeting me by name (and I wish I could remember all of their names, but time will solve that) church services every day if I want to attend, but no pressure if I don’t. It seems like a dream but I know I’m awake. I’m not sure what the best part is, but I love it all. I guess the best part is that I don’t have to call a bus to take me back to the old place when the afternoon is over.

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