Progress of Sorts

A few new changes in my room are creating even more space — I think! I’ve been busy, at least the time I have been awake. I think I’m catching up on several months of lost sleep.

My TV was mounted on the wall today, opening up a little bit of space on the sewing table.

The top photo is the half cleared sewing table with the pictures to be hung still waiting. They have promised Monday for sure. Waiting impatiently now for Monday.

The bottom photo has the walking stick my brother carved for me as a Christmas gift. Check it out! He said his original idea didn’t work out so he had to start over. I think for a mistake it sure looks great. He hollowed out the top of the stick and poured epoxy in to fill the space. The most impressive thing is that he poured in the right color. Unless of course he thought it was red or green. JRG is colorblind. He can only see the color gold. No reds or greens or blues. I can’t imagine not being able to tell one color from another, but who’s to say I see them the same way others do? I’ve never looked through another person’s eyes.

Things just get better and better here. Just one exception — rain, rain and even more rain. I have to keep reminding myself it IS March, after all. Oh geez, it really is March! What happened to January? We had Christmas at the right time, complete with snow and below zero temps, then the silly groundhog saw his shadow here where the sun finally made an appearance, and now the calendar says it’s March. We were also under a tornado watch yesterday. Is March the one that comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb? If so I hope it goes by as quickly as February did, I’m not fond of tornadoes.

Most of the damage done by the Christmas morning water pipe burst has been repaired, but they are still not completely finished.. I’m not completely finished with putting things away though, so that’s okay by me. We had a movie and popcorn afternoon with one of the old movies that always makes me cry like a baby! Fortunately I had finished the popcorn before the waterworks began so it didn’t get soggy during the final part of the movie. Hey! you gotta find some way to laugh in this world today, right?

I think I am now going to watch a movie on my newly hooked up TV now. For the first time I have Dish Network instead of cable and just want to see if I can turn it on. Stop laughing! I have a “smart” TV and have to admit it is smarter than I am. I looked for a dumb one but they don’t seem to have them any more, I knew how to change the channels on the dumb ones. Sigh!


7 thoughts on “Progress of Sorts”

  1. So much to love here! I’m glad you got your t.v. hooked up, and now if they hang the pictures on Monday, you’ll actually be able to use your sewing table to … SEW! I love the walking stick! It looks like it serves a dual purpose and could be used as a weapon if necessary!

    I think it was Tuesday we had four tornado warnings … I was so stressed hearing the sirens going off every hour or so. Thankfully, we only got rain and lightning, no tornados. But what concerns me is that it has been 70° two days this week … unheard of for March! And it was in the upper 60s several days throughout February. But nooooooo … there’s no such thing as climate change, say the fools! I dread summer, for I fear many 100° days with high humidity.

    So, what was the movie that made you teary-eyed? Your new place sounds truly delightful … I do hope you’ll be happy there. Have you made some friends yet? I’m happy for you, my friend. Now go figure out how to work that television! Hugs!!!

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    1. I have to admit I have used the walking stick to threaten a few people. It changes their minds so fast it’s funny. Hard to make them believe me when I’m laughing while threatening.

      I can’t wait to get the sewing machine set up again. First thing will be taking up some seams in a pair of jeans that are now too large. I’m eating everything in sight but still losing inches. Not bad at all.

      I know what you mean about the fear of tornadoes.. I was doing disaster followup in 2000 when we had so many tornadoes in this area I lost count of all the ones I responded to. I hope I never see destruction like that again —- ever!. We have also had the too warm for March temps here, and my daughter sent me a photo of some roof damage to her house by the high winds. Gale force in places, but fortunately not quite there.

      I can’t even remember the name of the movie, but it is a true story about a black woman whose baby son was taken from her by her husband, given to a neighbor who raised him and told him his mother was crazy and dead. The inevitable reunion at the end but instead of happy ever after the mom died after meeting her son before going in to surgery. Now I’ll have to grab a box of tissues because the water works are working again. That’s typical for me, Count the number of boxes I go through to know how good it was.

      I almost have the TV figured out so now I have to figure out how to get my printer and laptop to recognize each other again. It’s always something!


  2. Wonderful you are getting organised and your TV is now UP! and running.. leaving you more space for your crafting
    Love the stick your brother made you..
    Sleep is the best possible medicine as you catch your breath in your new home…
    Sending LOVE Angie…. ❤

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    1. Thank you Sue. I’m feeling better every day about things here, I loved it from the beginning, but loving it more and more as I settle in. When the storage bin I ordered gets here I can put away all the things that are on the floor of the closet, but at least they don’t show with the doors closed.
      My brother has made so many of the walking sticks we can’t keep up with them. He carves something on each of them but mine is a one of a kind. The only one he used the epoxy filling on and he said never again to that method. I have wanted one for so long and it was wonderful when he handed it to me at Christmas. He has so many in the works and is always looking for more fallen tree branches for future ones. I guess we are all crafty in our own ways, and woodworking is his.
      I slept most of the day yesterday and almost all night. All I need now is to get my printer to speak to my laptop and all will be well — after the pictures are hung as well. Hopefully by Monday evening it will all be finished, but I am rediscovering patience here. A very good thing.

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      1. I too have a brother who carves sticks… 🙂 And its wonderful when we receive something hand made with Love… Sleep is the best medicine Angie.. Just follow what you body is telling you it needs… That is what I do..
        And lovely knowing you are happy. ❤

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  3. Wonderful progress! The TVs are all so complicated… I had to have my son figure out how to get our smart TV to talk to the computer so we could watch netflix!! This new place sounds so so much better than the last one. I hope you can get back to doing some sewing!

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    1. This place feels so much more like home. The others were so bad that all I wanted to do was get ot even if I had to live on the street, I was checking apartments on a daily basis but most of the available ones were on the second floor. Not an option with the power chair. This one has a second floor but it also has an elevator. The food is delicious and there is more on the plate than I can eat so I bring some back to my room and use it for a snack. They also bring snacks to me every night, I have a broom and dust pan that was necessary at the last place where they were supposed to vacuum every day. My room was vacuumed once a month if the only person working in housekeeping didn’t get side tracked by someone else and forget what he was doing. Here they clean every day, top to bottom. The floors are vinyl covered — no more of that dirty carpet like the other place. I don’t even miss the river! So many things to do here, including s movie with popcorn and drinks each week, hair salon and laundry room, and most important to me is the chapel The chaplain is an old friend from 50 years ago and he remembers me from back then. Very surprising. I really love it here. And my sewing table is almost completely cleared off now. Pictures to be hung Monday, a smaller table they brought me to use for anything I need, including a meal tray if I don’t go to the dining room. I am still not believing my life here. Looking forward to the next 20 years!

      Oh, yes! these “smart” TV’s do it all. I haven’t been able to hook mine up to the printer or the laptop ever, but that’s okay. I can watch movies all day or just put music on it and listen around the clock.


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