A Few More Photos

It’s still coming together here. A few more photos to show what the floor looks like. I’m pretty tired now but tomorrow makes two weeks since I moved in and it all seems to be moving in slow motion.

I know it is because there is so much to do here and I’m having the time of my life joining in on so many activities and meeting so many people. Now if I could only remember their names! And at this point it would be nice to remember faces as well. I’m so confused.

Yesterday I found a craft class to join. It was referred to as an embroidery class, but I didn’t have anything to embroider at the moment to I took some doll clothes to finish up (lace, closures, hemming). It was so good to be able to enjoy the company of others while doing something I love to do but the icing on that cake was when the lady conducting the class came in. She turned out to be a cousin by marriage, one I lost touch with so many years ago that I wasn’t sure it was really Marilyn. She remembered me about the same time I remembered her and we had a small family reunion when she introduced her niece to me. A lot of the work going on in that class made me wonder what in the world I was doing there. Such professional looking things being turned out by residents and some of the sisters as well. I’m going to continue with that one.

I sorta ventured in to an exercise class before the craft one, tried a few of the exercises and then went slinking out of there. I was hurting in places I didn’t know I had just from watching them. As I was going back to my room I couldn’t help but notice a couple of dogs with their heads stuck out the door of one of the offices so went over to give a few hugs. They were both rather large,, but I remembered Noodle, the mastiff, from when he was a baby. The other one was a collie, and both of them look as if they have never missed a meal. We spent a few minutes getting acquainted with both of them trying to climb –make that step into my lap. Noodle almost made it before his person called him off. I really wouldn’t have minded it even though he does weigh more than would have been comfortable. I will see them again though and try to remember to have a camera with me the next time.

Okay, now to add a couple of the latest photos from the day before yesterday. If this is a repeat of a time before please accept my apologies. At the moment I’m not sure of my own name!


8 thoughts on “A Few More Photos”

  1. Hah!!! You sound just like me when you say, “If only I could remember their names.” And I LOVE that you re-connected, quite by accident, with Marilyn! The place is looking good! I see you got the pictures hung and it’s beginning to take on your persona! Next time, include pictures of Noodle and the other doggie, too! Huge hugs, my dear friend! Be happy.

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    1. Camera and phone or Kindle will be with me every time I go in that direction from now on. I’ll also ask the other doggie’s name the next time.
      Pictures were hung on Monday and Tuesday and now I’m digging out some of the doll clothes that need to be trimmed. Working on quilts as well, but they feel rather heavy with the warmer weather we are having. Might take longer to finish a quilt, especially with all the other activities going on here. I want to try them all. That said, I tried the exercise and remembered why I don’t enjoy that activity. Crossed it off the list!

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      1. Cool!!! Are you allowed to give treats to the pups? I’m so glad you’re settling in and especially happy that you’re enjoying the activities! Have you made some good friends already? Yeah, scratch the exercise … I really don’t want to hear that you ended up in the hospital in traction! Heck, they might put you in a room with your Senator (Mitch McConnell)!!!

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      2. They usually have some treats around for us to give the pups, but I think they would not mind my fingers if nothing else was around. They are not a bit vicious but very large. As for the exercise, it has never been an option! I think I’m allergic to it all. Fortunately Mitch doesn’t live in Owensboro. If he did I think i WOULD MOVE TO IMDIANA!


  2. Thank you David. It was good to find her after more than 50 years and great to hear some family news. “Make new friends but keep the rest, new is good but old is best”. I think that’s the way it goes. And don’t worry, exercise and I seldom speak to each other. I tried it once and it just didn’t work out well. Just plain old life threatening in my opinion.


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