Are You Ready For This?

I just read some of the news from one of our local radio stations and the story that has me most concerned is the one about the Zombie Apocalypse, reported to happen sometime in the near future. Yep, that’s what they say. So be careful when intermingling with family and pets according to the poll they took.

According to the story you are the only person you can rely on in this attack. There is a 14% chance your pet could be the villain, while your grandma is right in the middle of the group. Hmmm, makes me wonder now. My parents and grandparents are all deceased now and that makes ME the, well, I guess the one most likely to become the Zombie. I’m the only parent left for my three kids and two of their spouses. Also the only grandparent left for half of my grandkids. Guess it’s time for me to learn more about how I should act as the family Zombie.

The list of weapons for killing the zombies begins with a shotgun and runs the gamut of older weapons to swords and — oh, gee, I’ve forgotten the rest of them. The interesting part though was that there are no assault weapons listed! Now I wonder just who has been in a zombie attack enough times to know what works?

I realize this is not a very good subject in light of the latest school shooting, but i had to find something to chuckle about just to keep from crying. When will the senseless slaughter stop? I suppose the answer to that one is staring me in the face. With most of the world at war with someone there is no way of stopping any of it. I know someone who collects all of the latest assault weapons and practices with them every time he has a day off and every weekend. The worst part is that he takes his daughter with him and teaches her how to use them as well. How many other people are doing this same thing?

My boys have hunted since they were young, usually sitting in a tree from very early morning until noon, rifle held in frozen hands and watching for the big buck. They have seen him several times. Each time they come home with new photos of him because in their excitement they grabbed cell phones rather than rifles. I’m rather proud of them for their choice of “weapons” when they see the big buck, or in doe season, they have photos of the deer feeding right under them. Most of all though, I have to admit, is that I absolutely HATE venison! I also hate beef but for totally different reasons. But I still cringe when I know the boys are out hunting. They wear bright orange jackets or vests, but there are still some hunters who seem color blind when they are overexcited by the prospect of bringing home the bacon, so to speak.

None of this really has anything to do with the around the clock news about school shootings, murders, war, possibly even germ warfare going on in this frightening world we live in. It just makes me feel better to write about things most of the time. Get it out and then maybe I can move on. But when I was six years old I saw one of my cousins hit by a truck that ignored the fact that the school bus was stopped with the blinkers on while the children were crossing the road. i am still reliving that moment to this very day, possibly because her older sister is living here in the same facility I am in and my aunt is here also. That was my first experience with death and seeing her flung across a fence into the field made a haunting impression on me. The driver of that truck spent 50 years in prison remembering what he did. He is dead now, but ….;.

Now to decide whether to post or delete.


6 thoughts on “Are You Ready For This?”

  1. Glad you posted. It is a terrible thing to see someone you love killed. A friend saw her brother drown in a hotel swimming pool. She has never gone swimming since. It was scarring. I am not a fan of guns of any type – too often they are used to kill people in senseless acts of violence….

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    1. I actually hate hunting as well as the other killings. We allowed hunters on our farms until the day some of the idiots began shooting toward my son’s house while his wife and baby were trying to find a safe place to hide from the possibility of them hitting the house instead of the birds. Stupidity reigns in all forms,


  2. I’ve never been brought up around guns. They are rare here in England. I dislike hunting unless it’s for survival . I can not get my head around killing an animal or human for pleasure or revenge.

    We instead could learn a lot from nature and the animal kingdom.

    Especially our pets who give unconditional love, living in the present moment. Not dragging up past wounds or worrying over the future.
    Oh, to be more like them, lol ..

    I’m glad I spotted your post, Angie. I stopped listening to the news years ago, and I’m much healthier for it 😊.
    I’m so sorry to learn there was another school shooting over there.
    Devastating for all concerned. 😕😪

    I hope you are well, and yes, we have to find humour, even in the midst of sadness.

    Big hugs your way 🤗 ❤️

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    1. I sometimes wish I could immigrate to Canada or almost any other country in the world because of all the senseless killings over here. I haven’t read a newspaper or watched a news show for several years either. It just seems like there is seldom anything except war and murder everywhere; It still leaks in all the time though. I found the zombie story on my phone and it looked so funny that I read it to the end. It just kept being more ridiculous the more I read.

      So good to hear from you, Sue. You keep me grounded when things begin to look dark.

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  3. I’m making sure I will always have something creative to do. Have about two dozen quilts waiting to be quilted, a tall stack of doll clothes to finish, and am now embroidering pictures as well as adding some to the doll clothes and quilts. Also writing poetry again and when I am satisfied with it will be posting some of it. I think. Maybe. Many hugs and much lovel


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