A Little Bit More Nonsense

Several weeks ago I put a link to our local FM radio station on my phone just so I could listen to it when I am waiting for something to happen. I’m so glad I did that because someone there with a droll sense of humor and what seems to be too much time on their hands puts in some, well, crazy stuff. Yesterday it was the zombie thing, or maybe that was the day before. And today I read about some places to visit if you ever come to Kentucky.

I’ll leave out some of the places I have personally been except for the names. First of all I grew up in Rome. A friend lives in Oklahoma, Paris is a place I passed through on my way to someplace else a few years ago, and I didn’t even have to leave the state to get to any of them. I’ve also been to Turkey Trot, Pumpkin, and Sleepy Hollow. And now for the ones I heard about today.

Kentucky Stonehenge is in Munfordville, KY. Not sure where that is but someone there has a Stonehenge site in their front yard. Passersby are invited to visit but not to touch anything there — all free of charge.

Near Franklin, in Simpson County, they have a giant fork in the road. The kind of fork you eat with, not the kind you associate with roads. This one would be for the gigantic mouth though. It’s really, really big!

It wouldn’t be Kentucky without the world’s largest Bourbon barrel. That is outside Barton 1792 Distillery in Bardstown. Bardstown of course is the home of My Old Kentucky Home, in case you didn’t know.

In Guthrie they have a giant cow. That’s close to the Tennessee border so maybe the cow wandered i n from the south. I’m not sure, but I don’t think it’s the kind you have to speak in the mouth of at a drive in food place, just a very huge white cow with black spots close to the road down there.

And how many shopping centers have you been to lately that are owned by a dog? In Scottsville we have one — Miss Dynamet’s Shopping Center, also the grave of Miss Diament who lies beneath the sign that has a dog on it. Now I put that name in here twice with two spellings because I noted it in a book I take with me to jot down ideas, recipes and notes to myself and now I can’t read my own writing.

Then there is Dinasaur World just off I-65 near Cave City, Kentucky’s answer to Jurassic Park. I haven’t been there because, well, it’s just not my thang! The pictures I’ve seen of the giant dinosaurs are pretty accurate according to my own expert on dinosaurs, namely my grandson, Ethan.

Lost River Cave is a lovely place near Bowling Green. Nothing strange about that, but I’ve been there and it is nice — or it was back when I was there.

Well, there you have it. At one time I had a photo of the Pumpkin, KY road sign but that has disappeared into my cloud storage. I can’t figure out how to get into that cloud though. Maybe i need a rocket ship to get me there. If you ever decide to visit any of these sites just come on over to OWENSBORO. I would love to meet you.


12 thoughts on “A Little Bit More Nonsense”

  1. Some … er … interesting things to see, for sure! I mean, what other state has a shopping centre owned by a dead dog? Or a giant cow or a Stonehenge replica? I’d rather just come visit you in Owensboro, though! Hugs, my friend!


    1. We do have some strange places with very strange names around here. Come to visit any time you can. I can show you around this wonderful building which is just the right place for me. OF COURSE I SHOULD WAKE UP COMPLETELY FIRST!

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      1. I’m so glad to hear that you’re still happy there! It sounds like the perfect place for you! I am going to try to get down there sometime this summer … need to get the procedure done to try to get my heart back on track first, but if that is successful, then I will try to come visit this summer!

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      2. I’m not crazy about the heat of summer either, largely because here, being next to the Ohio River, the heat is almost always accompanied by high humidity, making it near-impossible to breathe. This summer is likely to be the worst in our memory, if the winter and spring thus far are any indication. But, if I can manage to come visit you, we will have a blast!!!

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      3. We are on the Ohio River banks as well, although not as close as the other place and the humidity usually makes me feel like i’m trying to breathe underwater. If I’m going to drown i would prefer it be in actual water and not in the attempt to breathe 99% humid air. You are so right about the climate. you are also right about us having a blast. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that you will be able to come.


    1. Oh my goodness. I love the names too when they are so unique, but that is one I haven’t seen. Do you live near KY or in the state? It feels strange to hear someone has actually seen the place. You aren’t a giant are you? (lol)


      1. Hehe! Not a giant but I do geocaching and have visited all the stated in the US (except Hawaii but we are going there in May). When we geocache we try to visit strange and unusual sights. I’ve seen the world’s largest mailbox, chimes, comb, knitting needles, wooden shoes and pencil. We have stood under huge statues of Native Americans, Paul Bunyan, dragons (that actually breathe fire), astronauts, dinosaurs, and aliens. I live in Indiana and we have lots of strangely named cities. When we used to travel to my mom’s we’d drive past the turn off for Mexico! Floyds Knob, Toad Lick and Gnaw Bone are in Indiana along with towns named for Native American tribes/individuals like Muncie, Mishawaka, Shipshewana, Modoc, Kokomo, Osceola, and Mississinewa!

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      2. I’ve heard of Kokomo but the rest are new to me. I think most of this country could find a lot of strange names if we did a little bit more research, which I might just do later today. Then again I might just take a nap! My brain is in overload right now.
        Oh yeah, my dad’s family moved here from Jasper (another good name in Indiana) in 1904. I have a lot of family in and around Rockport which is just a skip and a jump from me, across the big blue bridge in Owensboro.


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