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Problems, Problems, Problems!

I have been fighting a very intense case of pinched sciatic nerve lately, and not doing much blogging.  Sorry about that, but what can I say?  It just plain hurts — actually to the point of my asking my doctor for a script for a muscle relaxer today.  Shocked the poor girl out of a few years growth, and since she is still just a child, she doesn’t need this.  Really, if you could see her you would have to agree that she is a very intelligent teenager.  So what if she has twin boys who started preschool last Sept.  Sheta probably had them when she was 10!  I can remember when all the doctors were so old, and now for some strange reason they are just kids!

I’m also still having some discussions with my computer, trying to let it know who is in charge here!  It seems to think it is running the show, but each time I sign on I have to manually start most of the apps.  I almost know what I’m doing now, all except how to save the settings.  I’m determined to win this argument though, even if I have to do it by removing the screen from my window , um, taking it down to my neighbor and asking him how to accomplish this.  He’s a computer tech and works on all the computers in the building when he is feeling okay.  Like most of us though, he has health problems that keep him from doing what he loves.  He endeared himself to me when he revealed the fact that he plays the guitar!  He also fell in love with the picture of my sis and me playing and singing, or “pickin’ and grinnin’ together a few years ago.  I’ve tried to convince my son to bring mine home so I can hear my neighbor play it the way it should be played. Ah well, if my darlin’ little boy prefers to let my Martin D 2800. circa 1970, hang on his wall like a trophy there’s just not much I can do to stop him now — except try to keep him informed about proper storage and the price of replacing it, if indeed he could ever find one like it for sale.

Okay, stopping my complaining now!  See what happens when I’m really hurting?  I make a horrible patient, just whining all the time.  It will pass when the weather stops being so horrible.  Once in a while I just have to whine about it all

Just  a few photos to cheer us all up: