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Title Three

And away we go with the third title post. Maybe some day they will stop telling me to add the title. After all, most of us are intelligent enough to know if we are going to write a post it should really begin with a title. One of these days I think I will NOT add a title just to see if anyone notices. That could be interesting.

Well, our winter storm watch has begun. My area seldom sees snow, but do we ever have ice! We are now expecting an inch of ice, or maybe it was an inch and a half with an inch of snow covering it. The ice scares me more than the snow — that is, if we only have snow. But now with the ice storm due to begin in an hour or so (IF, of course, we can believe the weather bureau) we could have some outages in the electricity department. Most of us have been to the grocery, or called the grocery for delivery, and there have been some notable shortages on the shelves. Bread and milk were some of the things I saw in several carts when I went out to Kroger yesterday — or was it the day before yesterday? This time of night makes me forget just what day was which. Hard to believe it is now Thursday and already February.

February is birthday season here. Or maybe I mean it begins birthday season, with Don having a birthday on Washington’s birthday, Mike not having one at all until year after next, or the next Leap day, and Gina, the oldest of the three, having hers in March. Every Leap Year their days are exactly seven days apart, but with the regular calendar and Mike left out of the equation, it sorta loses the smooth feeling of the years when Feb,. has that extra day.

As you can probably tell, I really don’t have much to say today — tonight? I’m just really trying to get to my reader so I can read Marisa’s post from yesterday. Each time I click on the address I am redirected to my own site and expected to write something. At least it doesn’t ask me to write something intelligent because at 12:45 a.m. CST the most intelligent think I can do is yawn. I’ve said the word now so if things work out as usual the yawning will begin very soon. Any time now. Ah, c’mon, I wrote the word and I would love to sleep a little bit before daylight.

Speaking of daylight, it has disappeared by 4:30 every afternoon and doesn’t show up again until close to 7 a.m. I can’t be totally certain but it sure does seem as if those hours are not the same times as back a few years (or is it decades?) ago. I wouldn’t be sitting here spouting nonsense if it weren’t for the fact that I began a printing job a couple of hours ago and have another hour at least before it will be finished. Some day I’ll learn to begin earlier or wait until morning. If I ever get wiser. Or grow up. Or think before I begin.