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If We Don’t Visit Again—


She will be helping us celebrate this Christmas!  Although I will probably never have the untold pleasure of holding this little angel in my arms, I am so happy I have the photos to keep me updated on this precious gift from God, little Victoria, now almost 2 months old and already a true beauty.  We are celebrating the birth of  two babies this year — the first one born in a manger because of no room at the inn, and this one, Victoria, born in a hospital with all the care deemed necessary for new babies and moms today.  The original new baby, born in Bethlehem, came to save us all.  The only thing we have to do is believe in the love He came to tell us about.  The new baby will have purpose, love in abundance, and all the comfort she needs to make it through what I pray will be a long and loving lifetime.  She definitely has the family to provide all that she needs.  My prayer is that she learns to know the difference between “need” and “want”.  She has the same potential to help change the world as every child ever born.  I know her parents, my grandson, Alan and his lovely and loving wife, Maggie, will do their parts to ensure this, but in the world today I can’t help wondering what will be ahead for them all.  Welcome to the world, Victoria.  May the baby born all those millennias ago keep you forever in His loving arms and may all the angels watch over you as you complete your journey from this innocence  of today into your future, hopefully long and happy.  And know that you all have a Grandma crazy in love with you!