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A Strange Place For Those

A few days ago I wrote about wishing I could be Samantha — the lovely witch from “Bewitched”.  Yesterday I discovered I’m more like Sofia from the Golden Girls.  I’ve always said I wouldn’t mind being Sofia, but honestly, after searching for my dentures for a couple of days it was extremely strange to actually find them in the dishwasher.  After they had gone thru the wash cycle.  Maybe if I had checked there before running it I could have had them earlier, but I have to say it was a decided shock to the system to find them nestled in a cup in there.  They are very clean and fresh though.  I guess I’m fortunate they are still intact, but I was so relieved to find them it just didn’t occur to me that they could have been damaged in the process.

101_5530My Christmas/birthday bouquet, a gift from my brother and sister-in-love, is still fresh and beautiful, with a couple of exceptions.  Three of the blooms are faded and now in a borax concoction being dried.  I just hope I remembered the correct recipe for the drying solution.  It’s probably time to check them to make sure they don’t over-dry in there, but the container I put them in is my latest missing object.  Some day I really will begin writing down all locations of the things I put where I won’t forget them.  My memory is almost 3 seconds long now, if that much.  I have put so many things down on the table next to my chair, turned my head for a couple of seconds only to turn back and start to pick up the object to find it has disappeared!  I don’t really know how that happens but it is getting to be a habit now.  The jewelry pliers I was using early this morning finally turned up in the kitchen.  On a stool yet!  With my scissors!  I just don’t even bother asking any longer because it’s a relief to find them still in the apartment.  If the day comes when the stuff starts showing up out in the hall I’m heading for the nearest place for people like me who could become a danger to themselves!  Loony bin time, ya know.  As fast as I can get there.

So, how many of you are ready for spring?  As far as the weather goes, count me in!  It’s just plain cold out there!  It actually warmed up to almost 19 F. today but we are under another wind chill alert.  It might be different if we had just a small bit of snow to make things pretty from the window, but the sunshine is deceptive, giving the illusion of warmth while the cold wind slaps us in the face when we (or someone else) open the door.  You know it’s bad when you have to wear a heavy coat to pick up the mail in the building.  For some reason each time I go down someone comes in both the front and back doors at the same time, creating the same wind tunnel we always seem to have outside.  Up here on the 16th floor level we get our own wind tunnel on a daily basis.  I have to wear a night cap to keep from becoming flash frozen during the night when the wind is blowing against my window.  Most times it sorta feels like the window is open.  I know it’s not because I check on a daily basis, but there are apparently a few leaks around the frame.  At least I love bundling up in several layers of clothing during the day and a stack of blankets at night, while there are several micro-plush throws all around the place.


Most of my decorations are down now, some of them even put away.  A few don’t have a home yet since they were added this past year, so I have a large stack in the other room just waiting for me to wiggle my nose and create space for them.  Much easier said than done, I can tell you that for certain.  Only a couple more things to take down and I’ll tackle the other room.  Right now I try to avoid going in there, but I just remembered the laundry that is waiting for me.  I guess this means it’s time to wind this up and get down to the laundry room!  I really hate having to search for clean clothes when most of them have been worn a couple of days and just hung on the clothes tree waiting their turn in the machines.  Ya’ll take care now.  I’m about to become the laundress.  A