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Title Four

Okay, just began and on the sidebar there is a note about how to get rid of toenail fungus. Really? Are they trying to tell me something? Okay, just got rid of that and for the record, I don’t have toenail fungus. I have some pretty long toenails but they are all my regular ones with no fungus. I just know you all want to know about that!

Well, now the toenail fungus thing is gone but replaced by the weather outlook. I can look out the window and see what the weather is doing and my advice to a cousin recently to not depend on what the weather experts say but go outside and look at the sky and the ground and be your own forecaster stands. If you are standing in a puddle of water it is probably raining (I’ll refrain from mentioning the other possibility), if you are standing in a bank of white stuff it means snow, or possibly you might need to call Ghost Busters, and if the sky is bright blue with a big yellow ball in it you are having a sunny day. I admit the sun has been very scarce around here lately, but I do remember that it is big, round and bright and will blind you if you stare at it. What I wouldn’t give to see the sun and feel some warmth from it right now, but it seems gray is the color of the day lately. Oh gee, I just looked at what I’m wearing and it is gray pants, gray shirt and gray sweater. Tonight I’m going to find all my red clothes and put them all on for tomorrow.

At least this weather is giving me time to sew more. I’m doing the machine sewing now and have a bag filled with things that need hand stitching for later after I put the sewing machine away again. Or after I manage to get a room in the nursing home. Whichever comes first.

This weather has me remembering January of 1978. My first and only blizzard, I hope. While it was kinda fun I sure don’t want to see another one of those and sure feel for all the people stuck in blizzard conditions right now. That year it started the first day the kids went back to school after the Christmas break and lasted into early February, with the kids being sent home from school at noon. The old farm house we lived in had very little insulation so I brought the mattresses from the beds into the living room, hung quilts at the doors and windows, shutting that room off from the rest of the house, and making it a cozy place for us all to ride out the storm. I had the crock pot in that room bubbling away with the stew I had started for supper and a stack of books to read to the family, board games for the kids, tomato juice I had made during the summer for my scratchy throat, candles for possible electric outages which never happened, and space heaters in the necessary room just off our living area. The snow continued a few days and with the wind blowing we had 15 to 20 foot drifts outside the house. I loved that time. It lives on as one of my favorite memories of all times. Not one I want to relive in real time, but one I enjoy thinking about once in a while. Probably when I have a high fever, but at the moment I don’t. Just feeling nostalgic I guess.

I think it’s time for another nap so will say goodbye for now. Stay tuned for Title Five coming soon.

In the meantime, I’ll look for more photos to make things prettier next time.