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A study in frustration

At least it feels that way! It’s already another day since I sat down with the computer and began checking email and updating Facebook. A study in frustration all in all. Hmmm, I think now I’ll change the title!

There, that’s done. I spent most of Saturday attempting to move furniture and get rid of stuff I haven’t used or worn in the past couple of years. I ordered a table and chairs a few days ago and thought it would be the usual several weeks before delivery. WRONG!!! They were delivered Thursday and I didn’t have the stuff cleared out yet. So now they are sitting in the way while I try to clear some stuff I don’t use out of the apartment. When I have to take it to the dumpster with my power chair it is very slow going. Doesn’t help a bit that I can’t lift most of it into the opening of the dumpster either because of my left shoulder pain. I’ll end up with some kind of back ache from all the lifting and shoving of stuff that I’m moving out of closets and corners.

I’ve also been making more doll clothes for a silent auction being held to raise money for medical bills for a little girl (2 years old) who was beaten and burned allegedly by her babysitter. There were no witnesses to the abuse so the sitter hasn’t been charged with the crime yet. She has been questioned by the police several times and gives different answers each time, but without witnesses it is going to be difficult to prosecute.

I had hoped to post a photo of Royal Jolene but just can’t find it. Just another frustration for tonight. She is a pretty little girl when you are looking at her face. Her legs are horribly scarred from the burns she suffered on January 25, 2021 and she has to wear garments to cover them all day every day. Since there is no place in Kentucky to get the changes she needs due to natural growth, she has to be transported to Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville frequently for the replacements. Since it is out of state Kentucky Medicaid refuses to pay for it.

Royal’s grandmother is a friend who lives in my building and she is collecting articles to put in the auction. I also can’t find the information on the venue for the auction, but have put several dolls in the auction and am still making more clothes for the dolls to be auctioned with them or separately, depending on how things look on the day of the auction.

As for making a hole for my table, I will be working on that the rest of tonight and for several more days, tripping my way around it in the meantime. Wish me luck there!