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101_5487How many of you know what this is?   I’m betting my cousins can identify it even though it is a poor imitation of the old bucket and crank ice cream freezer Papa used almost every Sunday during the summer while we were growing up.  Yes, here only three weeks before Christmas and I’m making ice cream.  Ya wouldn’t know it is December 4 by the weather we are having around here.  Went over to the grocery today to pick up a few things, and while the temperature was warm, we had a headwind outside the building.  I’m calling it a headwind because it blew the hat right off my head.  A potential disaster foiled by a handy concrete post located in our parking lot.  Disaster because it is one of my favorite hats, but some people out smoking near the dumpster saw it and gave chase, catching up to it only because of that post.  I made it to the grocery okay after that, with my right hand controlling the power chair and the left hand hanging onto my hat!




Look good?  It is good, home made vanilla ice cream using home made vanilla extract.  It just doesn’t get any better than this — unless it should be following some of my home made brown ‘n’ serve rolls.  Think I’ll wait til tomorrow to make the rolls, though.  I give those as Christmas gifts to almost everyone in the family.  I now have a couple dozen new “family” members who have asked to be added to the list of cousins that was already pretty long.  The recipe is at least 75 years old, passed down thru the generations.  I’ve been making them for more years than I want to remember.  Until I began using the bread machine to do the job of mixing and kneading the dough I had more losing battles wit  It is a definite improvement for the shoulders.  All I really have to do is let the dough set a few minutes to relax, then roll it out and use my pizza cutter to form the rolls, bake a few minutes on very low, again to set the rolls before cooling  and freezing.

Gonna head toward my nest right now, after I get the dishes put in the dishwasher.  Tomorrow I’ll have some rolls before my ice cream.  A.