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Time: a matter of mind over?

I don’t know if anyone else is noticing how fast time is passing lately. One would think that being self quarantined because of people around me not observing precautions for getting rid of this CV-19 pandemic that time would be standing still, never moving, stagnant. I could probably think of more descriptions but it would involve using a brain that has long been dead. My mouth just hasn’t caught on yet and it keeps yacking away even while I’m alone. I talk to everything around me and grab at the phone each time it rings hoping there will be a real person on the other end. Not much luck so far with each call marked “potential spam” by the little person who lives inside the phone and decides which calls I should answer and which ones to ignore.

But back to the subject, I wake up each morning determined to phone family and friends to see of they are surviving but since it is always too early to wake them I make the decision to wait a couple of hours because I want them to still like me after the phone is answered. Get started doing something (quilting). making doll clothes, crocheting, reading a d/or binge watching movies, and what seems like an hour later I look at the clock and realize the day is gone, midnight has arrived and waking someone to tell them I was thinking about them is no way to keep a friend. I did that to my mom once several years ago, fell asleep in a room with dark curtains, looked at my watch when my “nap” was over and saw that it was two o’clock. Unfortunately, with the darkening shades I couldn’t see outside and thought it was two p.m. I only realized my mistake when she answered the phone with “do you know what time it is?” My nap had lasted about twelve hours longer than I thought.

So now, sitting here not getting as bored as I did when I was younger the day goes by so fast that I am far behind on my Christmas gift list. since I try to make as many gifts as possible I just assumed that there would be a lot of time on my hands and even though keeping busy I haven’t stuck to as many projects as I should. I did have some histrionics early this morning to break up the monotony. Took a blanket and another load of clothes down to the laundry room at 3:00 a.m. (best time to get a machine without having to wait) (8 machines in a building of about 200 people just doesn’t do the job when we are limited to three people in the room at a time). Okay, got the blanket out of the dryer and folded it while the second load was drying (only 7 dryers and some of them out of order) and when I went over to take the second load out I noticed a very big, HUGE roach climbing up my pant leg. Fortunately no one was around to witness my reaction as the roach noticed how displeased I was and jumped to the floor and disappeared on the run while I was spraying it with fabric softener and feeling creepy crawlies all over my body. didn’t even fold the second load of clothes, just threw them in the hamper and turned my power chair to “outdoor fast” mode and sped out of there for home. As soon as I entered my apartment I grabbed a spray bottle of something and began soaking everything on the chair and everything in the hamper before heading for the shower to scald anything and everything that might have hitched a ride home on me. About an hour later I tried to sleep but still felt creepy crawlies invading my personal space and headed back to the shower for a second run. At times like that I almost hate to get out just in case something dropped off and was lying in wait outside the door to jump on me again. After the second one though I didn’t feel any of the beasts so decided it was all now in my mind and took a short nap

Now that I’m thinking about naps, it’s dark outside and I’m beginning to feel the lack of sleep last night. Now if I can manipulate this new WP format forced on me I’ll see if this will publish or join 15 other drafts that haven’t done anything when I try to post them. I wonder if I can get a photo on this one? Hmmm, we shall see. If you get to see this one you will see if the photo came thru and if you don’t get to see it you’ll never know I tried, just as you won’t know about the other ones.

Maybe I’m getting smarter, not sure, but I just found my photos. Most of them taken by me, include the quilt I’m working on at present, my little Max a year before he passed away, my bitmoji image, one of the few trees left down at the river, some of the dolls wearing clothes I’ve made for them, and a slogan I found on Pinterest that seems to describe me well. How ’bout that? Now to see if it will publish.


Here It Is, Jill

Recently I started quilting again after seeing some fabric sheets that go in my printer and come out with mixed results in my case.  After printing several of them out I’ve learned a few new tricks to make them look better, but anyway, I’m hooked on making pillows and bags, and have even started a memory quilt for my kids.   So, when I told Jill Dennison of Filosofas World about the bag I just finished she wanted to see a photo of it.  Well, after many attempts at getting a good photo, here are some of the shots, not my best work with the camera, but I just couldn’t convince that doggone bag that it should sit up and pose for me.  Hope you like the photos.  This bag is the first of many more to come!  The pictures were found on Pinterest.

 Kinda neat looking, huh?  Don’t mean to toot my own horn on it, but after dropping my needle several times and finding it when it was stepped on, seated on, or just bit me when I stuck my hand in a pocket for some reason.  That kinda smarts, ya know?  But the quilting part if fun again after several years hiatus from holding that little needle.  I am finding the process to be very calming again.  Can’t exactly take a nap under the bag — well, I have a few times, but it’s not as comforting as the full sized blankets when it comes to keeping warm!  Since I don’t have a lot of space here I’m using the quilt as you go method where each block is quilted and when they are stitched together after being quilted.  It’s actually so much easier than the old traditional method of putting them in a frame and calling the neighbors to come in for a quilting party.  Not as much fun, but easier~  Y’all have a great week now.