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Update On Asher, 6 months later

That little guy I wrote about just over 6 months ago really is a fighter. And now he is a happy, chunky little boy who smiles almost all the time. He just keeps getting better every day!

So here is Asher this past week and at Easter.


Wakey, Wakey!

That’s what we hear at 6 a.m. every morning lately. I guess it’s so everyone will be awake and dressed by breakfast but there are a lot of days I want to throw something more solid than the pillow at them. Not completely just for breakfast though. At 6 a.m. they also want us to come to the medicine room and stick our finger, not exactly one of my favorite pastimes. My fault though. I just HAD to eat so much candy during the worst of the pandemic and raise my formerly under control level kinda higher on the scale. But what else could I do? I made the candy for my family but they weren’t able to come during those bad days and somebody had to eat it. And really, homemade caramel candy will keep only so long and tossing it because of mold would be a bad idea.

And I forgot to mention the extra pounds, didn’t I. Um humm, no place to go and no one visiting to share the caramels with, all that butter and sugar and sweet cream all cooked together.

I haven’t mentioned Asher this morning but then I haven’t heard any updates from my son today. He will get back to me eventually and I’m learning a lot about patience. According to my mother: “Patience is a virtue, possess it if you can. It’s seldom in a woman, and NEVER in a man! Sorry guys. I didn’t write that, my Mother said it frequently while I was growing up and I have to admit I was not above using it with my own kids.

Oh, joy! The message I was waiting to see just came in. Asher’s lungs still are not opening well so they will continue the oxygen for another 7 to 10 days, lowering it a small amount at a time. But he is resting well as hopefully you will see now.

Asher, resting on his side for a change.

This isn’t exactly the way I wanted it but at least I finally got the picture clear, if not a bit smaller.

This is not working the way I had hoped it would.

Update Asher

Our little guy is almost completely out of danger now. The latest news from Mike is that all tubes and lines will be removed today. He is breathing on his own, heart and lungs are better and he is moving around more each day and letting them know in a loud manner when he objects to something they are doing. Thank you for your prayers. Our little miracle will someday thank you himself. Now I’m going to play the great grandma role to the hilt by insisting they bring that little sweetie for a visit as soon as they can safely take him out.

Wow! I just took the first deep breath I’ve had for over a week now. I think my first move will be to tell my grandson about his aunt and how much we have all been pulling for Asher. I do have another photo to put in here if I can remember how, but for right now I’m going to just sit here and breathe!

I think I’ll tell you about the birthday party we had on Sunday afternoon. I know I’ve talked about Jennifer before. Her b’day would have been Sunday if she had lived but instead it had always been a day of mourning for me. But this year I met a young man in this new place who was also born on October 9. He has — or I should say “had” never had a party and wasn’t looking forward to this year’s birthday either. So, some of us got together and had a pizza party for him. We ordered a cake with race cars on the top. I had to laugh when he asked how we knew he likes cars. Didn’t bother telling him it was because he talks about them at every meal. He was so sweet, didn’t know what to do first but then solved the problem by taking the cars off the cake and playing with them on the table. Did I mention that the birthday boy turned 62 on Sunday? He still has some of the little boy qualities in him and I’m loving the effects.

Just a short post today. I have some celebrating to do and my back already hurts from leaning over the sewing machine this morning. Later, and I haven’t forgotten the photo. Just putting it off until I can safely attempt the search and download.

This is the first photo with his eye open looking at grandpa! Sorry about the size. Not sure how to handle the editing on WP.

My Great-Grandson

Asher Blake Wink was born Monday morning, weighing in at 8 pounds, 7 ounces and 23 inches long. He is a beautiful little boy but! And there always seems to be a “but” in this little boys life, he has yet to breathe on his own. Meconium Asperation Syndrome is a horrible way to start life but at least they now have some ways to treat this once fatal disease. He was put on 100% oxygen and sent to Norton’s Hospital in Louisville. They are equipped to perform miracles that other hospitals are not able to do.;

Today we were told he is improving but slowly and there are so many problems now and possibly for a long time to come, but I believe in miracles and a miracle is needed now. But he has a chance and that was missing in 1970 when his aunt, Jennifer was born with the same problems. They couldn’t save her. She lived 17 hours. This little boy is still fighting after almost five days and that, in my opinion, is a miracle.

First photo, taken soon after birth with his mom and dad, Sydney and Noah.
Thursday morning, early