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Another Thing You Miss

AIR CONDITIONING!!!  Ours is tied in with the water system,  and when the water main went so did the air.  My sweet baby boy, now no longer a baby to anyone but me brought me some water last night along with a fan and an invitation to spend the time without water and air with him.  A nice invitation, but I’m not a very good house guest, especially at night.  I do a lot of roaming around during the night when sleep eludes me and it just wouldn’t be a good idea to keep them awake wondering what I was doing next.  So, I kept the fan on, called the bus to take me out to an air conditioned place today,   and am still enduring.  The water main is fixed but for some reason known only to the powers that be here in the building we still have no water or air.  Temps have cooled today though so  things are better.

I was tooling around one of the stores I decided to visit today during my time out and while spending a few minutes examining a display it seems I took one of my “power naps”.  Not sure how long it lasted, but I woke to see a gentleman in front of me with a concerned look on his face, calling “Ma’am Ma’am, are you okay”?  Another employee was beside him with a device in her hand trying to contact emergency for help for the me, but I assured them everything was fine, just a bad night without much sleep due to lack of a/c and a sudden need for a nap. Since I was able to tell them what day it was and when I was born they were okay with it and I decided it was time to go ahead and check out my 3 bottles of glue and move on to the next store.  I managed to remain awake in that one and stayed until the phone rang a few times with the building news that we should be sure all the faucets were turned off.  Since I wasn’t sure about mine it seemed like a good time to call the bus to bring me home for the day.  So I went thru the checkout there, paid for my fat quarter fabric which really isn’t a quarter of a yard at all, and came home.  It is cooler out now, but almost time for them to leave for the day and still no air or water, but not too bad.  That’s okay, I can cope with anything since I’ve had a few power naps today already and it cools off during the night.  I have water, cherry cokes and ice cream, and what more does anyone need?


A Story About Love

It was supposed to last forever but ended,30 years later.  For them it lasted a bit over 20 years and a little over two years ago we both lost him forever in this plane.

Last night I couldn’t sleep and I saw that she, the one I call”wife in law” was also awake.  I called her to check on her and just to talk for a while!  The conversation got around to him as it always does.  We each have our own memories and it is nice to share them with each other. He would have been 77 on January 6. I have come to realize that we each had a role to play and it was necessary for me to be the first when we were young.  I had the kids and three of them lived.  She had one of her own and by the time my role in his life was ending she was there for him.   They were the great love of each other’s lives and it was supposed to be that way.

We talked for over an hour, mostly about life after Edd!  He was a different person who was supposed to live forever, but passed from this life the way we all hope to go, spending the day on the farm he loved, planning his tomorrow, and passing in the night in his sleep!  I felt his loss as if it was the first time, but without the bad feelings I had the first time.  I wasn’t the one who had to make the call to the kids but I know how she must have felt.  It was supposed to last forever but ended on that October morning, just over two years ago.  We will keep on keeping on, each in our own way and each with our own memories, and at times when we are especially lonesome we will talk about our time with him and exchange the memories of our time together, each different but necessary for us all!  This is an ongoing story about love, ours and theirs, mine and hers and his.  It is gone for now but will live in our minds and hearts as long as we, the wives in law are around to remember and to check on each other!